And we begin again….

That’s one good thing about the New Year. We get a chance to start fresh- or so we tell ourselves! Right now my life feels like this mess you see before you.





I have some New Year’s resolutions, but truly, they are not that interesting. My life is just not that exciting. No affairs to break off, no drug addiction requiring rehab, just the usual petty stupidities of life we all have in varying measure. It all boils down to this: do better and be more organized about it. Oh, and buy more yarn:).


The above mile or so of strange looking fair isle represents about ten weeks of work on a swearer for our music director- and a dear friend- Nancy. I’ve finally gotten to cut one steek (without machine stitching I might add) and begun a sleeve. The steek stitches made for a nice facing.


I hope to be done with the sleeves and finishing within the next two weeks- otherwise it will be mid-February because I have a three-day trial coming up in three weeks.

I haven’t been completely monogamous since September, however (speaking solely of my knitting of course!!)

I finished the Nancy and Judy Shawl:


Began Susan Pandorf’s Rivendell Smoke Ring for a good person I won’t name here:


And also began Jared Flood’s Terra (to add to the other 8,643 of his patterns I have in my projects):


I am now at the delightful point of needing to inventory my projects



Catching Up


Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It has been two months since I last blogged.

In that time, the Orchestra of St. John’s had a kickass concert, John turned the big Six-Oh, got an iPad and went from Luddite to Leader in technology (but he still doesn’t answer his cellphone) and we had a terrific Thanksgiving, though a few couldn’t make it.

December was crazy busy for a number of reasons among them an increase in caseload and three services to prepare for at Christmas- all good.

Christmas was wonderful- everyone was here. We waited until the evening to exchange gifts and after dinner, we all played Rock Band- what a hoot!

Well, time to start working on those New Year’s resolutions:)!

My brother Dan, left for New Jersey yesterday. He will be working for a company with it’s US HQ only a few miles from his family- how bad can that be?

We all wish him success and happiness but we miss him already! Thankfully “Joysey” is just a couple hours away and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him and his guys:).



God be with you ’till we meet again+


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