Perfect weather for knitting and singing and LESLYE SOLOMON on KNITTING DAILY!!!!!

In about a half hour, I am headed over to St. John’s for an extra “kwar” rehearsal.  Easter is only a few weeks away (or as Nancy S. would say – ‘tomorrow morning’) and I need all the help I can get.  I was supposed to get up early and head over to the Mall to hang out with my Columbia Sip n Knit buddies at Panera, but I overslept – not a bad thing, given that I woke up after three and half hours of sleep yesterday.  So before I head out to improve my not-so-good sight reading and actually learn some of these pieces, I thought I’d post a few things about knitting of course – I am off the clock!:)

In the mode of Dr. Gemma of the Cognknitive Podcast, something I really really like lately is the new Knitting Daily show and format.  Vickie Howell, the newest host of the show, adds a great deal of polish with just enough approachability make knitters and crocheters of any age feel right at home.  I enjoyed her earlier show, Knitty Gritty, though it was clearly meant for younger audience. (Though as a nod to us old farts, she included her mother in a few episodes and that was fun.) What I particularly like about the new format for the Knitting Daily Show is its nod to modern knitting – current fashion trends, technology (the “space to space” segment appears to be done via Skype and introduces us to a host of interesting people in the industry/blogosphere); at the same time, the show provides some excellent tips and technical assistance for the basics as well as the innovative.

This season’s episode about sleeves is a case in point. There is an EXCELLENT tutorial artfully executed by Barry Klein, owner of Trendsetter Yarns, on the topic of Japanese short rows in shaping a sleeve cap. (and BTW Barry, not that it is the main thing here, but lookin’ good, buddy!)  And not for nothing, but it is fun to watch him knit with those gorgeous needles. They appear to be those lovely rosewood things.

The Space to Space segment featured Techknitter (no names, just a picture – I like that she maintains her privacy even while appearing on TV!)  .

LESLYE SOLOMON from , yes folks, the great state of Merlin, owner of the LYS in Glyndon,

Merlin, known as Woolstock Knit and Sew was on Knitting Daily! She did a terrific bit on sewing in that sleeve,  She made it look sooooo easy! She did such a great job.  No (apparent) nerves at all.  She totally demystified what has always been a bugaboo for me in finishing work.  Leslye is a teacher at a lot of the XRX-related gatherings and of course in her own shop.  I have been there and have actually had a long conversation with Leslye, who is a kindly gem of a human being.  She gave me some wonderful advice, not about knitting, but about getting adequate education for my granddaughter who has special needs. Anyone who advocates for children the way she has advocated for hers is a gem in my book! If you are ever in the Baltimore area, her shop is worth the little bit of a trip to Glyndon. Oh and did I mention, she carries some amazing yarns and supplies as well as sewing machines and other sewing-related items?  When you see someone good having good things happen for them, it does one’s heart good.

So what else is new? I’ve made some progress on the two sweaters I have set as my March knitting goal (yes I know it’s February, but I also know I have a full time job, people:)!)

I am off now for music practice and will probably take the Ommegang with me.  The sleeve for this is a bit less complex and I won’t need to refer to the chart as much as it’s more easily memorized.
Well, dear reader, I hope you enjoy this weekend and that life is good to you.  See you soon, and
God be with you ’til we meet again+

And the Knit Goes On…


Hope all is well with you.  Today was a fairly quiet day for a person who practices what is euphemistically referred to as “family law.’  No frantic phone calls from my clients, no urgent filings at the courthouse and the one hearing I had today,  my colleague graciously covered for me.  So… having done my paperwork last night, staying late to be sure to finish it, I took today to catch up on phone calls and emails and started the weekend right at 5. Yesterday was not so much fun – one of those mornings when you know you are fighting everyone in a losing battle even though you know in your heart of hearts you are right. But that’s ok live to fight another day;), OR in the words of my dear friend, Kathy M.M., “‘f’em if they can’t take a joke!”
On the good news front, we found out that our firm has been chosen to receive an award from a section of our state Bar Association for our advocacy on behalf of children.  Really cool. 
Not much new on the personal front.  The snow has really put the brakes on getting togeher with the local adult kids and the grands, mostly because there is just no parking around the house when the snow builds up.  Thank goodness for the internet, electricity and social media, LOL! Our son Danny is back from LA for another run in Baltimore’s Everyman Theatre.  It’s nice to have him back, though like most grown kids, he as a life and is not spending his evenings home with Mom and Dad too much.
The snow has also put me a bit behind at work which in turn caused me to miss choir prax last night.  I did make it to handbells, though.
On the knitting front,  I have set myself a goal of finishing two aran-style sweaters by the end of March.  One is a sweater from Melissa Leapman’s book, Continuous Cables – the Man’s Entwined Circles Pullover.  Of course, I took the center panel out and charted another pattern to make the sweater a bit more unique, but it is looking pretty good so far. (picture above) I decided to start with the sleeves first, because they are always the one thing you hate doing at the end and because they can double as gauge swatches. 
I also started a new project, Thea Coleman’s Ommegang. I have one sleeve done and the other started.  Ommegang is an asymmetrical cabled sweater. I’m not usually a big fan of asymmetrical knitwear, but this is a really nice sweater.  I actually found enough yarn in my stash to knit this and it is going really well. But when Dan came back into town, I figured I should catch up more on  his sweater first, since I had been promising him one for about 5 years now. The last sweater I knit him that actually fit was a similar aran-style sweater Unfortunately, he was four years old at the time.  He’s overdue for a new one.
Well, dear friends, it’s time to wrap up this entry.  It’s Friday night – hoping for a quiet dinner and glass or two of vino. How bad can that be? Til next time and
God be with you ’til we meet again+

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Testing testing 1 2 3……

So I got this new keyboard for my Kindle and was kinda sorta hoping I could employ it in the use of posting something to this blog just to see if it would work. Lo and behold, it does! Who knew? The worry I have is that the battery that seems to work well is an Amazon battery.  The commercial ones seems to create havoc. Oh dear.

So, dear 1.8 readers, how have you been? I have been doing a LOT of knitting and living life to the almost full, given that I am human and have my limitations:)

So what’s new -? Not much really. Life is going on. It isn’t getting much easier, but that’s a story for a different day.  In the meantime, I can now post things from my Kindle.  Pretty cool.
Well, I am a bit tired, because it’s been a long day at work today. I plan on posting more tomorrow when things are a wee bit quieter (I know, famous last words, right?)
Anyway, I will try.  Until then, my friends,
God be with you ’til we meet again.+

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