Will I Shine? I think I will….Happy Halloween!

I am typing this as I await small ghosts, witches and gremlins to ring our doorbell. KFC is sitting on the kitchen table because “Pop” and I took a walk and then took the easy way out for dinner, LOL. So much for burning off the calories! But I’ve been good and stayed off theContinue reading “Will I Shine? I think I will….Happy Halloween!”

Words fail me, LOL!

Well, at least the hair’s a little better, LOL! Remember, we’re going for neat and tidy here, not hot and sexy (as if!). You’ll have to go to Kristina’s blog for that (just kidding, fellow lawyer, LOL!!!) Anyway, yesterday was a lot of fun. It’s always a challenge to sing with other choirs and haveContinue reading “Words fail me, LOL!”

Cool clear Autumn Day in Memoriam

My favorite:) and I’m getting my hair cut today. I am so nervous. When one is old and decrepit, one generally shoots for a professional look at work. Forget glam, cool, young, hip or even stylish. Just neat is good enough for me. And trust me, I’m not looking neat today! In fact, I lookContinue reading “Cool clear Autumn Day in Memoriam”

My Get out of Memes free card has expired

Just kidding! Kristina just tagged me. This is a good one. Hopefully I’m not reading anything pornographic (as if!!). Well the good news is, I’ve finally gotten her name right (I HOPE!!!) Here goes: Open the book you’re currently reading to page 161 and copy the fifth sentence on the page, then tag 5 bloggers.Continue reading “My Get out of Memes free card has expired”

Whoever called them "briefs" was lying…

OK, so the word is what they call a false cognate – words that mean one thing in one language and another in another. Brief is like the German word for letter. A letter to the court. A LONGGGGG letter to the court, LOL! I am under a deadline, but that doesn’t stop my knitting.Continue reading “Whoever called them "briefs" was lying…”