Saddiday morning

How to make a musikmysterium
3 parts anger
3 parts courage
3 parts beauty
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little lovability if desired!

Personality cocktail

Thanks, Brie for the above…..

Got home at a decent hour yesterday, then by 10:00 was so tired, I had to go to bed. So unlike me. Woke up natural rising at 7:15 – again so unlike me. It was kind of nice to get an earlier start on the day, but now I’m farting around, so much for being industrious.

Life is so crazy at work. My co-worker just had a little baby girl – I stopped by yesterday afternoon to see her to get files, catch up – and of course to see the baby. She is so TINY! funny thing is, she’s bigger than my first baby. It’s so hard to imagine any of my kids were once that small. It was funny, even after six kids and a grandbaby, you wouldn’t think I’d be nervous holding someone else’s newborn, but I was. After a few minutes, though, it felt like old hat.

Anyway, at work, I’m covering both our caseloads for a few months. I really don’t mind doing it, for a number of reasons. First, it’s fun to be able to do the opposite of the “old boy” way of doing things – to let the world know that we really can do it all if we only just help each other out a little. Second, I pretty much know about half of her clients anyway. Third, she is such a good advocate for our clients, I’d hate to lose someone like that – we also get along and work so well together, I’d hate to see her quit. I just want to make it clear I am happy to do it. However, there have been a couple of nights when I wake up in a cold sweat, just “sure” I forgot something HUGE.

I’m in the office more now, just to be able to keep tabs on both of our files and to be more available for calls when they come in. There’s a law student who’s going to be doing a number of the visits. That will help enormously! And how we were able to hire that student is another study in gifts from God. I just decided one day to “mentor” a U of Md. law student. Sometimes, I really don’t feel as though I fit in with some of the “high powered” people in those things, but for some reason, I decided to give this a shot. The student I was paired up with turned out to be a very bright person who has spent a lot of her academic and professional, and to my mind more importantly, volunteer life working with kids. We really didn’t communicate much after that – she had school and I had work to deal with – but she later sent me her resume (very impressive) and asked if I knew anyone who might want to give her a job. I forwarded her resume to my boss, because it was becoming clear we needed more help with out client visits. She interviewed and is now working with me this summer. Talk about a gift. I know that’s the way these things usually happen, but it was so random how we got hooked up. I think I ought to give mentoring a shot next year, too!

Drove Joey to work this morning, almost went into the far right lane like we usually did when I drove her to school all this year. I’m still getting my mind around the fact that all my kids are over eighteen and we are done with the Maryland public school system (of course, here comes Madison… is Maryland ready for her? They better be!) Some days that makes me feel so old, others, well….. YES! is all I can say.

Today I’m going to see about some client visits and the wash and maybe cleaning out my closets and dresser – hope springeth eternal….


I feel like crap

I just had a lovely evening with my adult daughter and now feel like I've completely blown it – both as a mother and a grandma. Sometimes you see yourself in your kids and it isn't the best thing to see. I keep hoping they'll do better than the rotten job I did – but then I see my own lack of patience played out on the next generation and it breaks my heart. Whoever said ther's no such thing as original sin never dealt with their own bad parenting.