Happy 2013.

Well, yet again, it’s been awhile. We’ve had three major holidays – not counting Halloween, LOL:) On Thanksgiving, the gang got together and again on Christmas. As you can see, not much difference – but I was equally happy to have us all together!

When last I wrote in mid October, I mentioned having done a bit of “ecclesiastical espionage” with Nancy and Rennie in three Washington DC churches.  You may recall I wrote about a fortuitous meeting with the former Bishop Jane Holmes Dixon and her husband at St. Columba’s church.  Sadly, that lovely woman died in her sleep Christmas Eve, a complete shock to many of us among her friends and admirers.  I was very grateful to have taken the opportunity to tell her how much her work meant to me as a fairly new “Whiskeypalian.”  You just never know when it’s going to be the last time you see a person, so why not let them know how important they are to you?

In other news here on the “Merlin” side of the Potomac, our great state, through the voice of the people in a referendum on the legislature’s passage of a marriage equality act, did not follow the horrendous example of the Californians and actually voted FOR same-sex marriage! Although I do not believe any of us get to vote on the civil rights of others, I was glad for this bit of fairness and never was I prouder to be a resident of Merlin (now let me tell you how I really feel….) Anyway, it turns out that a gentleman who worked down at City Hall in Baltimore, upon learning that marriage equality was to be a reality in Merlin, asked the good Mayor for whom he worked if she would perform the marriage ceremony.  So, when New Year’s day arrived, City Hall was opened up for seven weddings and that good gentleman was able to marry his partner of 35 years.  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake performed the ceremony, having been assured by the Law Office that she had the constitutional authority to do so (and rumor also had it that she had secured a temporary license online to do so as well – a belt and suspenders kind of thing).  The other six weddings that took place that night were performed by three other judges and an attorney who had the ability to do so (don’t know if he was a minister or did the online temporary minister thing also).

Why, you may ask, was this of note to me? Well, I had the distinct pleasure of volunteering that evening.  I met a lot of very nice people, all of whom were very happy and many of whom, like me, never thought they would see this happen in their lifetimes.  It was a great way to spend New Year’s Eve and one I am not likely to forget well into my dotage.

Normally, my New Year’s Eves are quiet ones, spent knitting and watching TV, sometimes watching a grandchild or two.  John works overnights and always works New Years and Christmases.  It’s usually a time of reflection and a time when I hope to become more organized, more industrious, and a better person. Like many such times, I sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. But I was very glad to have played even the minutest part  that I did to bring a greater level of equality for our citizens – and their children. And dagnabbit – it was fun!

Life for the most part has been trundling on. I visit clients, I represent them in court and hope to do the best job I can. My kids are growing up and I am getting older- which is just fine – think of the alternative:) Music and knitting continue to play a large role in my life as do my dear friends.

Right now as I sit and type this, the house is empty.  Danny is living with us until he finds a place. JoAnna is at a party and Sabrina is also out.  John is at work. Pretty soon I will sit down to knit a bit and perhaps catch a TV show or two. And then tomorrow I get up and start all over again. Nothing wrong with that, but not a heck of a lot to blog about really:)

On the knitting front, I have just gone through the some 162 projects listed on Ravelry and I am relieved to note for the record that 110 of them are FINISHED projects, LOL.  Howevah, that does leave me with 52 to complete.  So, I figured I’d work on finishing the smaller ones and the ones with the highest percentage done already. Right now I’ve decided to get going on socks.  Isn’t that thrilling, you might ask.  It is when you’re cold and it’s winter:) And the somewhat recent demise of a number of my fat cells has contributed to that freezing cold feeling in the bleak mid-winter!

Ah well, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Not much more to say right now, dear readers, so I will sign off.

Happy New Year – wishing you joy, warmth, happiness and joy in the little things of life!

Peace and

God be with you ’til we meet again+