Quick Meme from the RevGalBlogPals – Reverend Mother’s Swansong

On Endings and Goodbyes (sniff): 1. Best ending of a movie/book/TV showMovie: Dad….Wanna have a catch? (Field of Dreams)Book: The ending to The Color PurpleTV Show: The ending of the second Bob Newhart Show – when he’s back in Chicago with Suzanne Pleshette’s character, treating the entire series in Vermont as a dream/nightmare. That manContinue reading “Quick Meme from the RevGalBlogPals – Reverend Mother’s Swansong”

Getting (Mo Betta) Organized

Happy Sunday – and it’s a lovely day today. And hot as blazes in the choir loft! After 15 minutes of our morning rehearsal, I was perspiring so badly, it was dripping in my eyes, LOL! That’s what happens when you get Indian Summer, two extra layers of vestments – black robe/white cotta – andContinue reading “Getting (Mo Betta) Organized”

Wow – five whole days and no blogging

How do I live with myself? I guess that may mean I have a life, but don’t count on it, LOL! Well first of all the most important news is we found out yesterday that the lump is benign, so we have Kristin with us a bit longer, thank GodasBBL!!! Whoo Hooo!!! And thanks toContinue reading “Wow – five whole days and no blogging”