Blue Moon, DingDong and Dibley

My daughter, S, tells me I’m wrong – that a lunar eclipse is not a blue moon, but I think it is and hence the title of this post. The pictures at right are my feeble attempts to capture last night’s lunar eclipse. Instead, they look like the beginnings of beansprouts. It was an interestingContinue reading “Blue Moon, DingDong and Dibley”

gotta stop doing this late night carousing

I mean knitting… just finished a project and wanted to post pics of it and the hepburn sweater – one sleeve done, and another to go. After that, the finishing. I’m crawling to the finish line!!! aarrgghh. While I’m glad the scarf is done – and it seems to have turned out ok (hope DianeContinue reading “gotta stop doing this late night carousing”