Snow Week:) and the Nerds Grow Old…..

Our son Dan is hitting the big time in Baltimore in a couple of months – his first Equity gig at Center Stage!:) Snow Falling on Cedars Mar 9-Apr 3, 2011 Adapted by Kevin McKeon from the novel by David Guterson East Coast Premiere Directed by David Schweizer Against the backdrop of an America torn byContinue reading “Snow Week:) and the Nerds Grow Old…..”

Sometimes it pays to do the right thing!

And believe it or not, as a lawyer, one really ought to know that.  Think about it, lawyer jokes aside, if we do the right thing, we rarely (sometimes, but not often) have to worry.  We don’t have to get our stories straight; all we have to do is get our ducks in a rowContinue reading “Sometimes it pays to do the right thing!”

Postlude: Just about the only thing I have in a size 7:)

This post is for Knitters Only:) As many of you are no doubt aware, Signature Needle Arts recently came out with their next generation of circular needles.  These babies arrived in the mail today:) I don’t care what projects I have to do, I am starting the Cassidy by Bonne Marie Burns today!! I haveContinue reading “Postlude: Just about the only thing I have in a size 7:)”

It’s been an interesting coupla weeks:)!!

It’s a cold and sunny day here in central Merlin. I don’t have a docket and am spending the day getting organized for the onslaught that will be next week. A three-day trial I thought was going to start Monday was postponed until mid-May, so I feel like one who has been granted a reprieve:). Continue reading “It’s been an interesting coupla weeks:)!!”