Full Swing into Summer

Well, it has been summertime with a vengeance here at Chez FugueStateKnits. And a summer of lace at that. I don’t seem to get enough of those lacy numbers that have been popping up all over the Twist Collective, Ravelry, and Knitty. And why not? The yarn is lightweight, the patterns are enough of a challenge to keep one interested and you really don’t need that much yarn, given the fact that you can usually garner some 400 yards of fingering/lace weight with one skein!

The picture to the right has had yet another little shawlette added to it. I’ve been working away at this little number, something I’ve wanted to knit for a long time – Evelyn Clark”s Swallowtail Shawl.

And I finished it. As seems to be my usual habit with these things, I tend to knit them either on needles that are smaller than recommended or do not block as severely as I should- and that’s OK: I end up with exactly what I want.
I’m almost finished with this- and the picture doesn’t do the muted greens of the Lavold Silky wool justice. I’m doing a different ribbing, leaving the cabling bit alone and doing p1, k1, p,1, k3 ribbing on the rest for 30 rows. I think this one may actually fit!

Am posting from court – gotta go!