Ready to Ring in the New Year!

Did I tell you John is my hero? Yes, I got everything off the tree, and packed away 90 percent of the ornaments and Christmas kitch, and helped pack them up this afternoon, while we both itched away at our faces. I cannot figure out what the heck is in that tree – but if I’m found dead someday with an extra arm, you read it here first, LOL!
After all the packing up was done, John moved the boxes, new and old, into the basement, opened the window you see at the back of this picture and THREW the damn thing out the window!!! I laughed my a$$ off when he told me. We still have to get the stupid stand off the bottom of the thing, but it should be a lot easier with it lying on the ground.
So now we are ready to ring in the New Year – well, John’s working, most of our “kids” are going out after work or whatever. And I am babysitting Madison and Ruby (so it’s a good thing the toxic tree is gone and most of their toys are in place). Our neighbors are having a New Year’s Eve get together, so if the grandkids don’t come over too soon, I’ll spend a little time over there – otherwise we’ll do a quick visit then back home (they live about 500 feet away if that).
In the meantime, this afternoon the mail arrived, and I received a pleasant surprise – four of the books I ordered (Crafter’s Choice is having this amazing 9.99 per book – with some exclusions – sale this until Wednesday? I think.) Anyway, four arrived. I put them with the Fair Isle book I got from my Secret Pal, MitchyPoo very generously sent me, and the Cables Untangled I got from Betsy, a bunch of recent knitting mag purchases, the NY Times Magazine Crossword Puzzle, and I am in HOG HEAVEN:)
To me, there is nothing lovelier than a cozy evening with the grandchildren playing in the background, the TV playing New Year’s Eve songs, a nice comfy chair, the above literature:) and my knitting ! (Note the notions bag – that’s from Mitchypoo, too:) UPDATE: Quote of the day: Madison: “Mommy, which Mom-mom are we staying with tonight? Mom-mom or the grammy I have with Pop [me]?” Dori: “Gram, the one you have with Pop.” Madison: “Oh good – she really likes to party.” That’s my girl!!!:)
Happy New Year, everyone! Health and happiness to all of you:)+

It’s Coming Down Today!

John cannot deal with the Christmas tree. It makes his face swell up like he’s been stung by a yellowjacket. We can’t figure out what it is – perhaps some toxic substance used to keep the bugs away, who knows? But it’s gotta go. Before Epiphany. Oh well.

Then I’ll be able to continue working on Nancy’s sweater – Kathy Zimmerman’s Katharine Hepburn cardigan (regular, not cropped version) from Pam Allen’s Lace Style. As written in an earlier post, I decided to make the right front/back/left front all in one piece to the armholes. It makes things go so much faster – all I did to accomodate the pattern was to get rid of two of the selvedge stitches (I have to remember to add them when the pieces split off, but even if I don’t, it’s only one stitch for crikey’s sake…). I love this color (raspberry) and think it will look really nice on Nancy, although it is on the darker end of her color spectrum. As usual, I am agonizing over the size – want to give enough ease, but not too much, etc. etc. I am three rows short of two repeats of the pattern (after the rib pattern) and obviously have a long way to go, but this pattern is a lot easier to follow (it’s charted – and it’s only the one pattern unlike John’s pullover, which used two or three patterns per piece, with each pattern repeating at different intervals!). This is easier, yet interesting enough not to get boring. Plus Nancy is a LOT smaller than John, so this is going to be faster to finish (I HOPE!!!!).

Well, duty before pleasure, so I’m off to the store to get the appropriate storage receptacles!!

More to come:)Before I go, let me leave you with a final shot of John’s Faux Cable Sage Pullover from America Knits. As one can see, my skills as a photographer are variable at best, LOL!+

Another kind of major project

One I’m not particularly proud of – but it’s done – and it took me all the livelong day to get it done!

I just finished! The pictures say it all.
Ahhhhh. Now I know where (almost) everything is! And I can really focus on that brief (I know, I’m on vacation, but this is a great time to be working on it.)

And now I can really really finish that sweater!:)

Good night!+

Finally Done! Well, almost:)

It obviously needs blocking and after John tried it on, it became apparent that I need to add about 2 inches of length – approx 5 cm. I should be able to do this with a roll-up edge, as I don’t think it ever looks quite right to try to add ribbing to the bottom by picking up stitches. The collar was all I could stand to do after crocheting the whole thing together and it actually looks good on John, so all in all I’m pleased with the result. Maybe once the rest of the finishing work is done, I can get John to pose for me:) He’s a guy, albeit a shy one, but he doth look good in this! (He would say he looks good in everything, LOL!)

This was the result of about 6 hours straight of knitting on and off, with breaks for eating dinner and having a drink or two:).

This afternoon was nice – Dori and the girls came by and they came with us to lunch at the Tiber River Tavern here in Ellicott City, along with Sabrina and our next door neighbors Bill and Pat. We had a nice conversation and the food wasn’t bad – burgers all around. I’ve had so many really good meals lately that they’re going to have to roll me to the park to get walking! My poor body doesn’t know how to act!

Well, I’m off to bed – though I’m technically on vacation, there are a few things to get done tomorrow, to wit:
C & P report to MK
Exp report to SW
Motion for early review = SR case – and fax to BHB
shelter sched to MK, PBS and EGF
and finally (drum roll)
Clean off my blasted desk and get it together, darn it!!!! (and the picture you see is only half the story – the floor is just not something decent people should see. I don’t want to get letters from parents banning my blog from the parental controls. Oh the shame. Ah the humanity.
Stay in your homes…..
Good night.+

Top 10 from Hanuman

Random Thoughts
1. When you were born, how much did you weigh? 7 lbs something. I’ve never been one to disclose my weight – must’ve started early;)

2. What’s your sugar poison? ALL sugar is poison to me – I’m an addict.
3. If you had to choose between meat and cheese for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Then be specific. I’d pick cheese – you don’t have to kill anything for it, and you get plenty of fat and protein with it. Hard to be specific, except to say anything but the blue cheeses or the ultra-stinky ones. If it had to be one, I’d say mozzarella – part skim, low moisture – the fresher the better.
4. What, in your opinion, is the worst song ever? Paul Anka’s Having My Baby (gag me with a spoon)
5. Who was your favorite teacher growing up and why? Pardon E. Tillinghast at Middlebury College – he was a brilliant historian and an excellent lecturer and, on one occasion that I experienced, homilist.
6. What personal activity, when performed in public, bothers you the most? Anything that should be done in the privacy of one’s bathroom.
7. Ok, there’s a $50 bill lying on the ground. You pick it up. Dumbfounded by your incredible luck, what do you selfishly purchase? Either good yarn (mystery book) or a good yarn (knitting).
8. Do you have a recurring nightmare? It’s usually a paranoid dream where things appear fairly innocuous on the surface, but are really frightening underneath – like a David Lynch film. I usually wake up and try to figure out what the nightmare is really about and am usually successful, but still scared.
9. Name one place on Earth you’ve never been, but vow to visit at least once. the British Isles.
10. You notice that question #9 wasn’t really a question. You feel smart for catching such a small detail. What else can you do really well that shows how smart you are? I tend to be a jack of all trades and master of none (hence the law degree – hallmark of the every(wo)man), but if I had to say one thing, it would be a weird ability to remember numbers – nothing all that exciting:)
More pics o’Christmas. I included pics of me so I could share the mutual grossness of having my picture out there……

One more random thought going out into the Universe: wishes and prayers for a restful and happy vacation for Nancy and Rennie with their DS and DDIL in warmer climes this week. May their flights to and fro be safe, may the sun shine warmly upon them and may their BS remain as it should! Good night angels!

I really like the way this guy writes – and thinks:)

“AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): One of the planet’s highest active volcanoesis Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador. It also happens to be the site of the world’sonly equatorial glacier. Please visit this complex place sometime in 2008.If that’s not possible, at least promise me that you will vividly imagineyourself there. Why? Because in order to bring out the best in yourself inthe coming months, I think you will need to be fueled by a visceral senseof what it’s like when primal opposites coexist. ” Rob Brezsny
My life has always been this way – polar opposites residing in the same life, the same mind, the same body. The miracle is, I do manage to integrate them fairly well. So far….:)
After a good night’s sleep the exhaustion at the end of Christmas day is gone. My stupid feet are still sore, but they’re getting better. I have determined not to overeat ever and to get back on the low carbs after the leftovers are consumed tonight. I have indulged that spoilt child inside of me for too long. Time to grow up! Part of my exchaustion I truly believe was the result of too much bad carbs and not enough veggies and whole foods. I have done it before and I can do it again!
Well, as I said before, I WILL finish John’s sweater. Haven’t posted many pics of it in days past, but thanks to the wonders of modern techology (and my Christmas present), here are a couple that actually depict the color of the Plymouth superwash wool fairly well:
This one on the top is a close-up of the central pattern on the sleeves – which is duplicated in the front and back. The picture on the bottom shows overall progress. You can’t really tell here, but I’m doing both sleeves at once. It’s slower going, but when I’m done, I’ll really be done and only have the blocking, sewing up and collar to do. I think the collar is just going to be one of those doubled-over ribbed things. The one shown in the pattern is a bit too large for John’s tastes. The green you see here is more accurate than it’s been shown before. It’s exciting being this close to the end, but as John says, I can’t knit it online. So, now that it’s all laid out – off to knit I go:)! Then I will be starting back in on Nancy’s little sweater, which should take no time compared to this thing! I love vacation!!!

Stay Right Here, ‘Cause These are the Good Old Days

It’s been a lovely Christmas and I am exhausted. Really really exhausted, mostly because my feet have been giving me a fit, and also because last night was not a great night for sleeping. Everybody was over this morning-to-afternoon for exchanging gifts and the usual big Christmas dinner, which for us is turkey with all the trimmings – a rerun of Thanksgiving. I still have that turkey smell on my fingers from doing the balance of the dishes. Yes, I have washed my hands about 42,485 times today with all the cooking I did. Sabrina did the deserts, for which I am eternally grateful. John did half the dishes, so I have nothing to complain about.
Last night was lovely. Two services with the bells and the choir were a lot of fun. I was tired by the end of it all. I don’t know how the clergy and especially our organist/choirmaster did it for three plus a pageant Sunday afternoon!
John’s sweater is still on the needles, but I’m plugging along to get it done soon. SOON!! LOL!Received some wonderful gifts from the kids among them Melissa Leapman’s Cables Untangled from and a digital camera (as you can see from the picture above, I now have some COLOR🙂!!There were so many lovely things that I can’t even list them here. Most of all, it was good to see everyone together again.
One thing JoAnna did for her sibs was to make a copy of a picture we took of all of them almost 20 years ago or so. She had them very nicely framed and gave an 8×10 print to each of her sibs. It was a really nice idea. The baby in that picture is now 21:) Time goes by so quickly. Here’s how we looked tonight after dinner – and as you can see, there are a few more of us!
If I didn’t know these folks, I’d never guess who the little people in the above picture are in the picture below, LOL!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!