It’s Coming Down Today!

John cannot deal with the Christmas tree. It makes his face swell up like he’s been stung by a yellowjacket. We can’t figure out what it is – perhaps some toxic substance used to keep the bugs away, who knows? But it’s gotta go. Before Epiphany. Oh well. Then I’ll be able to continue workingContinue reading “It’s Coming Down Today!”

I really like the way this guy writes – and thinks:)

“AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): One of the planet’s highest active volcanoesis Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador. It also happens to be the site of the world’sonly equatorial glacier. Please visit this complex place sometime in 2008.If that’s not possible, at least promise me that you will vividly imagineyourself there. Why? Because in order to bring outContinue reading “I really like the way this guy writes – and thinks:)”

Stay Right Here, ‘Cause These are the Good Old Days

It’s been a lovely Christmas and I am exhausted. Really really exhausted, mostly because my feet have been giving me a fit, and also because last night was not a great night for sleeping. Everybody was over this morning-to-afternoon for exchanging gifts and the usual big Christmas dinner, which for us is turkey with allContinue reading “Stay Right Here, ‘Cause These are the Good Old Days”

Good thing I like Rock….

Am sitting in the junk/Christmas presents/pine needles/ornaments-bestrewn living room typing this as our Only Begotten son and our daughter, the Penultimate Child, play some computer game with a fake guitar and a fake set of drums. I don’t mind hearing the songs over and over, after all, I grew up hearing most of them (thatContinue reading “Good thing I like Rock….”