Progress! #Afmaeli

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September, October, November…. the months of autumn, of sweater weather, of the days getting shorter and shorter and cozier and cozier. So, of course, I bought way too many patterns and yarn and goodies. Am I ashamed of myself? Oh hell no! Did I continue in my perverse nature, unabashedly seeking new pursuits of knitting loveliness? Yep:)

Seriously, I pre-ordered Marie Wallin’s Shetland.  It shipped before I could even contemplate whether I wanted it to ship or not.(I did.)

And yes, I have been knitting up a storm! Since the yarn swap, I decided to use this lovely aqua dreamy sock yarn and Rowan Kidsilk Haze for the Orchard Grass Stole pattern by Ashley Yousling – a pattern published in the second edition of Making Magazine. It’s a lovely pattern – and a really clever way of morphing feather and fan/old shale pattern into a simple lace pattern and back to feather and fan. I am enjoying the knitting.

Have also been working on the Afmaeli KAL sponsored by the Kammebornia podcast.

And I picked up the Bright Sweater by Junko Okamoto again.  What a beautiful piece of work that is:)!

I have enjoyed knitting this pattern, just have to figure out where the decreases are! Really love the color – am concerned I will have to bargain with my youngest to knit her something else so I can keep this – but I won’t be upset if she keeps it – the color is perfect for her, too!

NOTE:For an excellent review of the Strickplaner (pron. “Shtrickplahnah”) please check out The Well Appointed Desk blog here.

So, here’s something I’m not sure if I should post here or on my planning blog. I am a big one for analogue planners, and I recently learned that knitwear designer Martina Behm (of Brickless fame) had developed a planner specifically for knitters.  I was powerless and couldn’t resist the charm of a new planner for KNITTING!!! So of course I got it.  And in case you had any questions about it, look here: Ms. Babs was the distributor for my copy.    

Hoping to use this next year to make sense of my unfinished projects. Well, my friend, hope you are well.  Going to sign off now and God be with you ’til we meet again+