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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving:)! Replies:¬†0 By:¬†Fuguestateknits Here in the U.S. of A., it is Thanksgiving. A day in which we spend time with family and/or friends, enjoy and exp ress gratitude for … Continue reading

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Morning sky

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In the home stretch -one sleeve to go on my granddaughter’s Lochalsh (Martin Storey) for Christmas. Then two more for two other grands to accomplish my goal of a sweater for each of my five grandkids for Christmas. #yarnalong

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Standard Time

Can it really be the last time I blogged was July 29th? That’s nuts! I suppose I don’t feel that I have much worthwhile to say. ¬†Oh, occasionally I have … Continue reading

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Colorwork fun with Wendy Johnson’s Leftovers Cowl and random balls of Jamieson & Smith yarn.

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Ah, the possibilities!:)

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