OYOYOY show (with apologies to Al Franken)

Well, last week we finished four long days of testimony on that TPR trial from hell and we've got 3 more fun days to go – at the end of January.
Bright spot is choir – it's been a long time since I've been singing regularly and this has been a blast, plus it gets my butt out of bed on Sunday mornings to church – a good thing for me, too.
Now I'm worried – John has gone to help Sabrina and Joanna – van has a flat! And speaking of choir, I “volunteered” it for 12/4's Christmas caroling gig to haul equipment. Hope they are OK, I'm glad John's with them.
John's birthday is tomorrow and I still have to get him a gift before we go out tomorrow night for dinner.
Gonna have to sneak out during work and go to see the usual suspects …..

Oh well, as to the title, Brie thinks I have a crush on Al Franken. Hmmmmm. Wouldn't she like to know..


Just stopping in

Well, Joey doesn't have the big C. Didn't think it was worrying me as much as it was until the Dr's office called and said she has mono. PHEw! I almost cried. What I didn't know is mono is caused by the epstein-barr virus – the thing that makes you perpetually tired. I don't know how she keeps the schedule she does – work, school, study, sleep…..I'm just glad we're going to have her around longer!
Now i gotta gear up for that trial and all i'm doing is avoiding it…..
maybe a game of freecell?