These Dreams – Help Wanted: Psychic or Psychiatrist

I had a very vivid dream in the early hours of the morning – that’s when I dream the dreams I remember. Or the dreams I want to remember.  Nightmares seem to come in the middle of the night.  The dreams I don’t want to wake from come in the morning (of course:)).

The thing is, it’s a fragment of a dream I remember.  I was in the woods in Vermont, or somewhere like that, wandering around.  I say wandering because I don’t know how to really “hike” in the true sense of the word.  I tried to pay attention in Brownies/Girl Scouts but really don’t know much about finding my way in the woods.  I say Vermont but it really could have been the woods of Long Island near where I grew up – or anywhere else come to think of it.  I felt safe and happy walking in these woods. I think on some level the woods represented Heaven to me. There was this old woman with long curly grey hair – somewhere in her late 70s, early 80s.  Her hair was parted and swept back into a bun.  She was stooped over and dressed in something substantial, like a woollen coat and a scarf.  It was a cool autumn day – my favorite time of year.  She told me she was my grandmother, but she had this twinkle in her eye because she knew she didn’t look like my grandmother – either of them, actually. There was an air of fun about her.  We had a lovely time. She did a lot of crafts and had this lovely cottage in the woods.  I was totally at home there and felt like I could stay forever.  But I had to leave.  As I got up to go, I said, “And how are we related?” at which time she stood up, shrugged and smiled, in a happy conspiratorial way.  There was a picture of a man on her wall – a man I didn’t recognize – certainly not my grandfather or any other relative  – someone with a beard and mustache from long ago.  I had the greatest sense of sadness having to leave her. Sadness not for her but for me. 

And then I woke up.  As I came to consciousness, I kept wondering what it all m eant. I think it meant a lot but I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

Are there any psychics out there who can make sense of this?

Still plugging away on the knitting, but no pics today.  We did have a spectacular view of a double rainbow right after a thunderstorm early evening.  I think Mary in VT  had the left half (well, three days ago! LOL!) – and we had the right:)  See for yourself. Isn’t it amazing what you can see right outside your own window?

And another week goes by…

It’s been a very busy week.  Not a lot at work, just busy-ness in general.  Sunday we had our usual family get together.  K and S were back from their honeymoon, but J, our youngest, was still out west, visiting with friends and family in San Diego.  She also visited with K and S out in “Vegas.” Funny thing about that- when relatives at the wedding were speculating on whether J would visit her sister while she was on her honeymoon – and to a person nixing the idea – John’s response was, “You don’t know my kids!”  So true!  To a person, every one of our extended family remarked upon how close they all are.  That’s something that means a lot to me.

Work has been fairly quiet, but the few cases I have that have come to the forefront have been a bit labor-intensive.  Good thing – because I’d be going nuts if I had the usual 20 kids to see in a week, LOL!  Still waiting on the high court’s decision on whether they want to hear that appeal.  Next few weeks should be fairly quiet, although my colleagues are on vacation one week.

On the music front, the substitue drummer gig with the BLT (Bethesda Little Theatre) has been fun.  I know I’m nowhere near as good as their regular drummer, Ric, but I’m having fun doing my best.  I don’t think I’m going to be doing this again any time soon – it’s really a pill to lug around all the drums, cymbals, sticks, etc. etc., Sunday (tomorrow) is my last turn at this and it’s supposed to be storming.  Lovely!  But the folks are talented, hard working and very very nice.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’m grateful to have had the chance.   They put a little bio in the playbill.  I wrote it being somewhat of a smarta$$, not thinking they’d use the whole thing, but they did:

[fuguestateknits].  This is Joan’s first show with BLT.  She is a member of and plays drums fairly regularly with the West Laurel Rag Tag Band.  She tries not to offend God by singing in her church choir.  Prior to her subbing for our real drummer, Ric, she spent afternoons drumming to oldies rock and roll, using wooden spoons on her kitchen counter and thoroughly embarassing her six adult children.  Despite all appearances to the contrary, she is gainfully employed as an attorney who represents children in [Merlin].   But don’t hold that against her.

Serves me right – putting that in a public place! Oy! But it is true about the wooden spoons on the kitchen counter and what mother doesn’t embarass her kids?  Isn’t it our job?

The choir season has been so extended this year.  After Nancy’s big day, we started rehearsals for the consecration of Merlin’s new Bishop at the National Cathedral.  It’s taking place on the 28th and we have to be there EARLY.  Nancy, being the overachiever she is, took me with her to plot out a really really good way to get to the Cathedral by way of Rock Creek Park – you know, the beautiful woods where the body of poor Chandra Levy was found? (Sorry for that reference, but I don’t think she should be forgotten – she was a beautiful young girl who didn’t deserve the cruelty she got and it pisseth me off!)

Anyway, it’s a great route into DC which I have now imprinted into my brain.  When we got back to her house (I had met up with her there because it’s on the way), she and Rennie showed me their beautiful garden/arbor.  It is just wonderful! One can see how hard they’ve worked on it – there’s a structure they’ve built to protect the blueberries and the vegetable patch (have to protect their garden from deer, rabbits and other critters in the area) and there’s a really neat stream at the back edge of their property.  They told me about the time they had their son’s boyscout troup over to camp near the stream and how the traffic noises carried there, LOL!  They have a lovely home and should be very proud of it.  Both of them are such a cute couple:) Of course Nancy is one of the best, if not the best friend I’ve ever had, so I’m a little prejudiced:)

The music is difficult – and a bit much for so few rehearsals.  But I believe we will rally.  And I will take some time to practice.  The tenor part is high enough for me, but to keep my brain interested, I’ll even sing along with the sops and altos.  I’m really an alto, which is why I can do that. Learning the other parts helps me learn my own and get a sense of the big picture of the piece – like following different threads in a woven piece of fabric for you fiber junkies out there…

One of our choir people – who also conducts the children’s choir at St. John’s – recently had her other knee replaced.  It’s really touching how so many are making meals for her and staying with her after her hospital stay.  Her kids are grown and cannot get away from work (they both live in other states), otherwise they’d be here with her. That’s taken a bit of organizing and whatnot, but I think we’ve finally got it covered.  I’m on the list for Tuesday night.

On the family front, D and D  FINALLY settle on their first house on Monday. Please God.  It’s been an enormous roller coaster ride for them – I thought at one point they’d be staying with us because it fell through once already.  But now things look good.  Other good stuff: John is off from the CC this summer and is working one job. He’s already getting more sleep and I think he’s feeling better. It’s been hard in a way, because I’m gone from home so much – between work and choir practice and drumming, LOL!  Poor guy has had it too quiet!  Yesterday evening was nice – typical June in Merlin – it had cooled down, so we sat out on the deck with a drink of choice and listened to the woods and ate “tube steaks,” LOL.

Today, Diane got home from the hospital and is now safely esconced in her den relaxing.  The second shift is already there if I’m not mistaken.  Here’s hoping all works out!

On the knitting front, I’m working on the Anniversary Mystery Shawl Along from Goddessknits.  I’ve posted a pic before, but I really like how others’ Chart A works, so I may re-do it, since Clue No. 2 has arrived:)  I’ve also added the Forest Path Stole from The Best of Interweave Knits.  I’m doing it in KnitPicks Shadow  – a heathered laceweight merino wool in a deep blue called Midnight.  I’m using my recently acquired understanding of entrelac and so far, it’s knitting up really well.  I’m also using the adjustable knitpicks harmony circular needles and they are a LOT of fun! And the other cool thing is that the harmony needle tips fit the same cords as the regular metal ones:) Because it’s a number of small “boxes” of lace patterns put together entrelac fashion, right now it looks a total mess.  I’m also having trouble with the Lily of the Valley pattern, another reason it’s not looking perfecto right now, but here are some pics of my progress thus far.



Well that’s all I have for now.  Once June is over, I’m hoping for a quieter July.  That remains to be seen, LOL! Hope all of you are enjoying your summer out there in blogland:)