These Dreams – Help Wanted: Psychic or Psychiatrist

I had a very vivid dream in the early hours of the morning – that’s when I dream the dreams I remember. Or the dreams I want to remember.  Nightmares seem to come in the middle of the night.  The dreams I don’t want to wake from come in the morning (of course:)).

The thing is, it’s a fragment of a dream I remember.  I was in the woods in Vermont, or somewhere like that, wandering around.  I say wandering because I don’t know how to really “hike” in the true sense of the word.  I tried to pay attention in Brownies/Girl Scouts but really don’t know much about finding my way in the woods.  I say Vermont but it really could have been the woods of Long Island near where I grew up – or anywhere else come to think of it.  I felt safe and happy walking in these woods. I think on some level the woods represented Heaven to me. There was this old woman with long curly grey hair – somewhere in her late 70s, early 80s.  Her hair was parted and swept back into a bun.  She was stooped over and dressed in something substantial, like a woollen coat and a scarf.  It was a cool autumn day – my favorite time of year.  She told me she was my grandmother, but she had this twinkle in her eye because she knew she didn’t look like my grandmother – either of them, actually. There was an air of fun about her.  We had a lovely time. She did a lot of crafts and had this lovely cottage in the woods.  I was totally at home there and felt like I could stay forever.  But I had to leave.  As I got up to go, I said, “And how are we related?” at which time she stood up, shrugged and smiled, in a happy conspiratorial way.  There was a picture of a man on her wall – a man I didn’t recognize – certainly not my grandfather or any other relative  – someone with a beard and mustache from long ago.  I had the greatest sense of sadness having to leave her. Sadness not for her but for me. 

And then I woke up.  As I came to consciousness, I kept wondering what it all m eant. I think it meant a lot but I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

Are there any psychics out there who can make sense of this?

Still plugging away on the knitting, but no pics today.  We did have a spectacular view of a double rainbow right after a thunderstorm early evening.  I think Mary in VT  had the left half (well, three days ago! LOL!) – and we had the right:)  See for yourself. Isn’t it amazing what you can see right outside your own window?