That's how my little brothers (who are now in their forties, LOL) used to say SNOW. Through their noses. Don't ask. Have spent the day doing a very little bit of shoveling, knitting, drinking coffee, and sitting here by the computer e-conversing with family and friends. Not too shabby. No choir today. But there will definitely be work tomorrow, so I am enjoying this while … Continue reading PHNOW

A Series of Strange Coincidences:) or G-L-O-R-I-A

This was a week of strange occurrences, as always happens when a loved one dies. Monday night, John’s sister, “GG” called on behalf of his other sister and brother-in-law, Holli and Brian. Brian’s mother, age 81, whose health had been declining this past year, had died that evening, surrounded by her loving family and their prayers for her. She was kept pain free, peaceful and … Continue reading A Series of Strange Coincidences:) or G-L-O-R-I-A