Where to even begin. Boring navel-gazing nerd alert!

I am in the midst of changing what has become a bad habit.  It is not a gut-wrenching addiction yet, but it could easily become one. Addictions run in my family.  Rather, they gallop. My former stepmonster had a wicked case of alcoholism. The adults in my family rarely skimped on the hooch. i have toContinue reading “Where to even begin. Boring navel-gazing nerd alert!”

Springtime for Merlin

Cannot believe it’s been over five months since last I blogged.  Betcha it’s Facebook and Twitter and all that instantaneous crap that keeps me from this much more thoughtful process.  Yet it is blogging that provides so much more personal satisfaction. A lot of things have happened in five months, and yet not much:).  And theContinue reading “Springtime for Merlin”