Bloggy Blahs, but I did have a decent week!

Life has just been moving along. Nothing earth shattering, nothing really new, so I’ve been following a whole bunch of blogs and commenting throughout the blogosphere – in English and occasionally in German (die arme Deutschen!). And it’s been a lot of fun. Christa and Grainnee, thank you for posting comments here! I have soContinue reading “Bloggy Blahs, but I did have a decent week!”

That’s my boy! I’m so proud:)!

DC’s Theater Alliance Launches Bock’sFive Flights June 12 By Kenneth Jones12 Jun 2009 Five Flights star Adele Robey photo by Bruce Robey Theater Alliance’s final production of the 2008-09 season in Washington, DC, is Adam Bock’s Five Flights, the regionally popular tale of a family letting go of the past, June 12-28. Shirley Serotsky stagesContinue reading “That’s my boy! I’m so proud:)!”

Und Jetzt Etwas Auf Deutsch:) And Now Something in German:)and Swedish

Many thanks to Grainnee for this wonderful “Filmtipp!” I am such a sucker for movies about people who use their talents for others – and the description of this film convinces me it is something I want to see. The title, Wie Im Himmel (As in Heaven). Maybe I will convince one of my Netflicks-usingContinue reading “Und Jetzt Etwas Auf Deutsch:) And Now Something in German:)and Swedish”

What an amazing weekend!

Grandchild bonanza! Book bonanza! Surprise visitor from Denver and Sunday dinner bonanza! How bad can that be?:)  Well dear readers,  since last we left each other (except for the delightful video from one of our dear favorites, Betty Bowers, on Same-Sex marriage), it was Wednesday and I had enjoyed a seminar at St. Agnes HospitalContinue reading “What an amazing weekend!”

Life is like a box of sock yarn

Well, dear readers, it’s been a nice weekend, albeit a fairly quiet one until yesterday:)  Had court Friday morning and then a meeting at DSS which really did not require my presence, so I skipped it.  Got home, returned phone calls, spent some time with John then settled into some knitting once I was offContinue reading “Life is like a box of sock yarn”