It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….

I still mourn the loss of Mr. Rogers. He was a wonderful man, a gentle soul with the smoothest tone of voice and the sharpest intelligence. He was a minister, an educator, a light shining in the darkness and the world is still impoverished by his absence. When people ask me who the man ofContinue reading “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….”

Well, I wasn’t at the service, but I was in Virginia!

A few months ago, our son, Danny’s, in-laws, Lisa and John, invited us to go with them to Virginia – Loudon County to be exact – to visit a vineyard where they had found some wonderful wine – and they told us they couldn’t find any better wine elsewhere in our area. So…not one toContinue reading “Well, I wasn’t at the service, but I was in Virginia!”

Picking up where I left off

Such is my life – trial puts everything on hold (0r almost everything) then it’s catch up:). Thankfully today, the TPR trial I was supposed to participate in has been postponed indefinitely. So I will have time to settle in on this cloudy, windy, dreary (although I like this kind of weather) day and getContinue reading “Picking up where I left off”

Love Means Having One More Person to Worry About…

And it means ALWAYS having to say you’re sorry, Love Story notwithstanding (ask my husband, LOL!). I’m going to quickly update here because it’s Sunday and I have fambly stuff to do. But I need to get this off my chest. As anyone knows who has read this blog, a very big part of myContinue reading “Love Means Having One More Person to Worry About…”

I’ve been silent too long (sung to the Rascal’s hit….)

Sorry to have been so quiet on the ‘net. Hah – most of my friends would strongly disagree with that. But I guess life hath intervened. It always does:) Madison had a nice birthday. It was good to see her getting some good attention. Unfortunately, she sometimes too much like her “mom-mom” was back inContinue reading “I’ve been silent too long (sung to the Rascal’s hit….)”