..And yet another permutation

Permutation – is that a strange variant of the word “mutation?”Mutant? Hmmmmm. Such is my knitting. Same yarn, different day, different pattern. I just may stay with this one, gotten from Janet Szabo’s Twist and Turns newsletter. I highly recommend it. You can subscribe here. I have saved every one of them and have even gotten a few back issues. The patterns are timeless and if you like aran knitting, you will LOVE this! Janet also has a new book out about cable knitting, one that came out last year – Aran Sweater Design – and another about finishing sweaters – or hating to, LOL. Both are worth their weight in gold. I am saving up for the new one:)
Although this week is not particularly busy, that’s always the calm before the storm. Like most of my Wednesdays, I am using this blog to post my to-do list. Don’t ask me why, it works for me and as long as I’m not violating anyone’s confidentiality, it should be fine.
From the ridiculous to the sublime:
@Home Office
Fax over postponement/conflict forms – done
Call Mr. Christian re: W case
Get next hearing date for H shelter – waiting – call office
Get medical records bills to DW – call UMd, S-P then fax to office
Schedule visits: J & G L, L.H., J & M J.,
Calls to: S L and K M; W A
Professional reading in folder
Prep for EfM
Practice Flute
Dry Cleaners
Get M.O. and mail in Notary renewal
Mail response to contin. motion: T. D
Get Pen refills


Well, it’s been so crazy that it’s already past 1 in the morning on Saturday and we are still packing. Got most of the list and a few other things done.

On Thursday, I had court and had to take the back way to Towson because the Beltway was a virtual parking lot. I love this part of the trip – an old road where the tree branches create a canopy.

********************************************** Yesterday, I got the sign I requested from Equality Maryland. My kids asked me to take the sign down (there are only two neighbors who would see it) so I took it down and placed it in the back seat of my car, heh heh….. I wish the Court of Appeals would rule already – favorably!!!

And now it’s five of ten in the morning. We have to leave in a few minutes to get our 12:30 flight to Orlando. My brother, Rob and his fiancee, Lisa, are getting married Tuesday in Disney World. I don’t know if I’ll be able to post much, although I am bringing the laptop. If I can, I’ll post pics and be in touch. Hoping to find a yarn shop or two, LOL, but you never know!

Pray for a safe trip!



Get Ready

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to go back to work tomorrow. John is already back, having gotten a half holiday with that bartending gig Saturday night. Today, we had all the kids (except Danny, who is still filming in Alablankingbama), the grandkids, the in-laws, a BF and “L.B.” JoAnna’s friend since age 3. So it was a full house for dinner tonight. Had all sorts of naughty things to eat and drink, but in moderation (especially the booze!). The girls are out at the movies and I’m waiting for them to get in. This week Tori turned 22 and Joey 21. It’s funny, I don’t usually get the “creeps” when alone in the house lately, but tonight for some reason I do. It happens from time to time and I figure it’s some intuitiveness or just exhaustion and accompanying paranoia. I’ll get over it or get tired enough to get to bed.
It was weird yesterday. Normally, with or without choir, I’m up and out to church on Sunday mornings, but this week I just couldn’t get up the steam to go. I think I was just being lazy and am hoping this was not a trend. At least I got the floor mopped, some vacuuming done, one bathroom cleaned and a load or two of wash done – big hairy deal, right?
I’m reading a couple of really good books – have all but finished Anna Quindlen’s Rise and Shine, a book that should be made into a movie. It’s my kind of book, a story about sisters and their relationship with NY City as backdrop. Now I don’t want the story to end. But when it does I will finish the Nuremberg book by Mr. Sonnenfeldt.
I did frog the shawl and started using Janet Szabo’s wrap pattern, which so far is coming along fairly well. Pics to follow.
Well, it was a fairly restful weekend and I got to see almost all of my family, so that’s pretty damn good:)
This week: catch up on work, on visits, get back on diet and exercise.
I’m writing it to stay on track!


My head hurts. Because I’m a moron. I had some wine last night – more than I usually do – because I used the bigger glasses. DUH! I love red wine and this wine went down oh so nicely after a long week of every day in court and not much sleep. Oh did I pay dearly this morning. It’s now almost 7 PM and my headache is still there – albeit not in the full titanic version of 5:30 AM. Bummer man…
The “kids” (now all over 21, LOL) are out getting something to eat and then are headed for DC to hang out with their sister-in-law. John is bartending at a party (ouch) and is off from the hotel and CC tonight. He’ll be back later. Maybe we’ll grab a bite then, maybe not, depending on how late his soiree goes.
In the meantime, I’m going to get on with my thrilling life, LOL. I am going to WalMart or Target or somewhere exciting to buy underwear! Whoo hoo…. I think our washing machine has ALF’s proclivities. You figure it out. I am not spelling it out for you.
Worked on that shawl today, but I don’t like what I’ve done with it and may yet frog it again. There’s a pattern for a wrap in Janet Szabo’s newsletter, Twists and Turns which I got Thursday and I may try that. It looked kind of nice. I’d rather frog what I’ve done than waste good yarn on something no one will wear. Even if my friend with the upcoming wedding doesn’t like the colors, I can always keep it for myself, so no problem either way.
Well, I better get going. Who knows? I may even get some wash done (is that the roll of thunder I hear coming from Heaven?)


Good Morning! Well I survived that night with 2 hours of sleep and made it through the day – actually walked with Nancy that afternoon and went to EfM, so maybe no sleep was good for me. Needless to say that when I sat down to do some knitting I woke up a few minutes later with the needles and yarn in my hand – and went to bed. DUH!
Yesterday was fine – had court in the afternoon. Colleague took the AM docket and I took the PM. Today will be court all day as my young colleague is headed for the wilds of Peru with her parents. She speaks Spanish, so that should be helpful. Being young and energetic doesn’t hurt either, LOL.
Madison is on some meds to help with some of the symptoms. Next week, Dori and Donald should be finding out what the school system is proposing as her educational plan.
As I type this, a co-worker’s granddaughter is undergoing heart surgery to repair a “kink” type of blockage in a major blood vessel (aorta?). She has two holes in her heart also and will be having surgery for that – so if you read this and believe in prayer or even sending good thoughts their way, it would be much appreciated. Poor little baby is only a week old. It’s amazing the things they do almost routinely today. Makes me grateful for all the scientists who refused to be told that what they saw in the universe was wrong/immoral. (OK, I’ve skipped a few steps in the reasoning, but I’ve got to get ready for work in a minute, so bear with me.)
After court, I’m hoping for a walk, getting some errands done and then maybe some knitting. A friend of mine’s son is getting married at the end of August. I promised her a shawl. I think I’ve got a pattern in mind, but need to know what color, so I had to tell her. Now that I’ve promised, the pressure is on, LOL!

Well, I better get going so John can have his bedroom back. He’s exhausted!


It’s 3:35 in the morning and I’m typing this

OK, this WILL be quick. A lot and yet not much to update. Yesterday were final arguments (I wish they were really final!) in the “F” case. I am happy to say that TPR (termination of parental rights) was granted. The judge found by clear and convincing evidence that the father sexually abused his children. I won’t say more about the details to preserve my clients’ confidentiality, but this was a win for them and hope for a better life. This judge really did his job. He read every piece of documentary evidence took copious notes during trial (even remembered some things the DSS attorney and I didn’t remember) and went step by step through the evidence and the statute in rendering his decision. They will have some things to argue about on appeal, but they will be hard put to find any fault with this judge’s fact finding! I thanked DSS counsel on behalf of my clients.
This morning was another hearing and then I went to the office to pick up mail and court reports to prep for Thurs and Fr. Lo and behold – the decision from the Court of Special Appeals in the “F” permanency planning appeal. They affirmed the lower court’s decision. Now onward to what will undoubtedly be father’s appeal of the TPR. As I said in an earlier post, the father’s attorney did a stellar job advocating for his client. The judge said he hoped the father appreciated his advocacy (he said this in a general way before rendering his decision.)
Now these kids have a chance. Keep your fingers crossed!
This afternoon, I made a bank deposit and then went home. I cannot for the life of me think of anything constructive I did this evening! I did put some towels in the dryer and did the dishes, but I have too much to get done to dither about like that. And here it is practically 3:45 a.m. and what am I doing? I will be a MESS tomorrow – I have two hearings scheduled at the same time, neither of which is going to be particularly dreadful, but who knows? Well I better get going to get some semblage of sleep – either that or pull an all-nighter and get something done!
Yikes…. don’t you hate when this happens???
Good night angels+


Let’s see, what’s new? Manned a table at the college fair for the alma mater. A not very well attended event – a bunch of tables in a relatively small space and I suspect there had not been much advance notice to the public. But happened to be at the table next to UMBC and the very nice person there gave me a copy of the undergraduate bulletin, so now I can look at how to get that psych degree. Who knows, it just may happen:) While I was sitting there, I continued to read Witness to Nuremberg. As a former German major, I am fascinated (and not in a good way!) about the psychology of the German people. I am about halfway through the book. The first part – about Mr. Sonnefeldt’s work as an interpreter for the US (while a private in the US Army!) who spent hours with Nazis while the US prosecutors interrogated them – and sometimes alone with them. He did some of the footwork, smoking out witnesses for the prosecution. Of course, the disturbing part was the conversations he had with some of these truly evil people. Some of it made me physically nauseous! In contrast, the portrait he paints of his family in Berlin between the World Wars was quite interesting -and inspiring. He discusses his parents’ very different personalities – both of them were medical doctors – and intimates how their gifts saved him and his family from the horrors of the Holocaust. It made for good reading in between the questions I could barely answer about Middlebury, having attended over 30 years ago! And when I wasn’t reading, I frogged that piece from the yarn at the MS&W festival. I just couldn’t figure out where it was going and it seemed just a little too sheer for my liking! Obviously, I talked to a lot of potential students – NOT.
When that was over, I drove to Hyattsville for the end of a memorial service for Kristin boyfriend, Sonny’s, father, Gary, who recently died of pancreatic cancer. The family and friends seemed very nice and I’m glad Sonny and his family had their support along with that of their church.
Then home – Dori, Madison and Ruby were in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies. Ouch….
After they left when Donald came for them, I got ready to go out to the Friendly Inn to see a fellow choir member’s husband’s band. I thought there’d be a bunch of people from choir there, but NO ONE I knew but Bill (husband of friend who was playing) was there. I don’t go to bars by myself. Ever. It is NO FUN. If I’m going somewhere for drinks and fun, I go for fun, and for hanging with friends. Since the friends were not there, I listened to the band as I was heading back to my car. They were good. Too bad the friends were showing up later, I guess. Oh well. Next stop home. And now I am going to just chill out, have a glass of wine at home, where I can’t get a DWI and try knitting some of the many projects I have already started.
Sorry, boring post, but whaddya gonna do?

Such Language!

My my I’ve been terribly naughty with the language, haven’t I? Well, never fear, I’m bound to really offend someone eventually! Spent the morning getting my office – and kitchen – mess quasi-organized, went to court this afternoon for two fairly brief hearings, then home. I could’ve walked, I could’ve continued the organization route, but oh no, I settled down on my all-too-ample backside and continued working on some knitting (pics are unable to load, sorry!) whilst watching a few taped shows – Knitty Gritty, Medium well, why not?
After that I went to choir practice and although there were only a few of us tonight, we had a great time. I had left a message with Dori to see how things with Madison were going. She called me back during practice of course, so I just called her back. We talked about the IEP meeting and what was going on with the school and the boys who gave Madison such a rotten time on the bus. Then John called and I think I made my poor hardworking, loving, wonderful husband cry.
That is not a good feeling, but what caused it is worse – that “A” word – autism.
OK, she doesn’t have cancer. She doesn’t have Downs syndrome. She will probably function fairly well with help. Best of all she isn’t disturbed or evil or mean. Her teachers say that whatever world she is in, Madison is in a happy place. That’s because she comes from one – a happy place where she is loved.
As to the boys on her bus, one of them – the ringleader of course – showed no remorse. He is suspended for the rest of the school year. The other two boys have to make alternate arrangements for school transportation. Here’s something hopeful: One of them went to the guidance counselor’s office on his own today. It was clear he felt – and was – guilty. He asked if he could talk with Madison – tell her he’s sorry. And so he did -with the guidance counselor at Madison’s side, he told her he was very sorry for what he did. Madison smiled and said, “It’s OK.” Later, they saw each other in the hall and the little boy said “hi” to her. Madison just smiled. She speaks a language from that happy universe. I think it’s the tongues of angels. And I think that little boy got a language lesson today.
So now we’re left with the “H” word – hope. And of course you can’t have anything without the greatest word of all – the L word.
Good night, angel!