Happy Holidays… and Kyrie Eleison

christmas eve was very taxing – my first christmas eve with the choir (we sang two services). I really love my new church.

I had a wonderful Christmas. The kids were over. They gave John and me this amazing gift – a portrait of the six of them. It's now hanging on the living room wall. I cannot believe they actually did this without us having an inkling! so cool! We had our usual dinner with me bitching and moaning all evening about the dogs being under foot and needing help, etc. I know they take me with a grain of salt -part of my master plan to have them count on each other, sure cannot count on me…..

this week was pretty light at work. next week won't be much more. I don't even have choir praxis this week – and don't know how to act with my only social life gone, LOL…..

John got to have Madison over today. he is so happy when she comes over! Poor guy got sleep in between times. He's snoozing right now – went to bed around 3:30, so at least he'll get a few hours.

Then the tsunami/earthquake hit the far east.


My heart goes out to those people. It is impossible to imagine – hope none of us never have to know. Wish they didn't have to know this kind of hell. Anyone reading this, please send whatever you can to whatever relief agency you wish. It won't bring anyone back, but money can help relief agencies prevent the spread of disease that results from decomposing bodies mixing in with your drinking water, for example…

What amazes me (in this technological age) is that none of these folks had any real warning and could not even seek higher ground, if any existed!


Suprisingly fun week

I had a pretty cool week. Monday, I convinced the Judge (who probably didn't really want to try the thing anyway) to postpone the TPR trial, I had to cover all the dockets this week, because co-worker had a death in the family, but it was no biggie. Everyone seems to have the Christmas spirit at work – and that is somewhat contagious.
We had our Choir party last night and I don't think I've laughed so much in years! It was really a bunch of fun, finally getting to meet and talk with some of the people I get to sing with. Our choir director had good news and our rehearsal wasn't half bad, considering we had party on our minds. Silliness – terrific silliness. I loved it.
Madison and Dori came over today. It's hard to believe she's PG – she is getting skinnier every time I see her. Although she and Madison both looked a little pale and sick with colds. She's such a good mommy! (Donald's a good Daddy, too!) I still think they should name their new daughter Betty! Wouldn't that be so cool?
John had off from the hotel for a few days, but we stll hardly saweach other – he was headed for the CClub as I would be headed in the door from work! Maybe that's why we're still married…..
Have not done ANY Christmas shopping yet – have no idea how we're going to do Christmas. Should be interesting….
(I wrote that for the benefit of my kids who read this, LOL)


By the busy-ness I've had the last few days, you'd swear I'd done a pile of Christmas shopping, when the only thing I've done is to get the “family gift” which Brie used today. Stressin- gotta get ready for a TPR trial I'd like so badly to postpone if only to give my client half a chance! Can't say more than that. Choir's fun. John is working his tuchas off as per usual and still manages to get things done around the house – unlike yours truly! Then again, he doesn't take his work home with him – how can he, the only thing the poor guy has time to do is sleep!
Well, gotta go


Sure I am:
Punk Mama
You're a punk rock mommy! DIY is probably your
motto, because you're a punk mama at heart.
Your kids are getting your independent spirit
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What kind of a freaky mother are you?
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Well, at least they didn't call me an earth mother or some other crapola!
Thanks, Dori – scary…..

I am so tired. Visits tomorrow. TPR on tues to prep on Sun and Mon. Choir Sun., Tues trial, Wednesday get ready for Thursday's and Friday's hearing … boo f'in hoo as Brie would say. Poor baby – at least I'm not living in a GD group home for Christmas. That should be a pile of laughs. Damn, sometimes this job gets to me.

Ho ho ho ho ho….snore…..
nighty night…..