Another Quick Post Before Heading Out

Have been busy at work, but managed to knit a bit on the Nordic Cowl.  Progress is moving right along – am more than halfway through the second half, so I guess I’m past 75 percent done:)! When you get this close to finishing a project, you just have to keep on keeping on. The Truckbeth Carbeth is still sitting in time out through no fault of … Continue reading Another Quick Post Before Heading Out

Overslept Sunday

Church was at 9 a.m. Choir was supposed to be practicing by 8:30 (quietly and crowdedly) in the Music Director’s office WITH the children’s choir. Yeah.  No. Not because I didn’t want to, but because yet again, I fell asleep at some ungodly (pardon the pun) hour and grossly overslept.  Like two hours overslept. Sorry, Nancy. I must still be detoxing recovering from last weekend and the … Continue reading Overslept Sunday

Banging out a Carbeth… or was it Slogging through a Truckbeth?

I have missed a wee bit of time on the Carbeth.  One needs to earn a living, you know.   After swatching and figuring out which size to make (not as easy as it might seem), I finally got started. Progress has not been as swift as I would like, mostly because knitting with thick yarn and fat needles can be tough on the hands (I … Continue reading Banging out a Carbeth… or was it Slogging through a Truckbeth?

Well It’s About Time!

Sure took me long enough! Yep – it’s been almost four months.  I am writing this on a work break; in about an hour or so, I will start my late-afternoon, early evening round of client visits, then with any luck to the knitting meetup I have been notoriously awful about attending. I thought I’d start this post with something non-knitting-related and a fairly unusual … Continue reading Well It’s About Time!