I love nancy

Have you ever seen a really truly good person in action? I did tonight. At bell prax, we were all standing around while our director, Nancy, handed out new (Easter/Lent) music. Stupid me – I started talking about news cameras at the courthouse today (had to file something and today was the deadline). The trial they were covering was about these horrors disguised as human … Continue reading I love nancy

German Pronunciation Guide for choirs

Deutsche Aussprache (German Pronunciation) Guide Vowels (in general): A “Ah” E “Eh” or “Ay” (actually sounds like something between the two) I “eeeeeee” O Say “Oh” and think “Aw” (JUST LIKE LATIN!!) U “ooooooo” Y Exactly like a U with an umlaut (see below) W Never a vowel in German – always the same sound as the English “V” Vowels mit Umlauts (those funny dots … Continue reading German Pronunciation Guide for choirs