Reviving Past Treasures

What a couple of crazy weeks it’s been here in Merlin! The second major flood in two years has yet again threatened to destroy what remains of a beautiful old town.  The main suspect is over-development of the area and consequent lack of absorption of rainwater. If I understand this correctly (and I may not have it all right), past flooding has been the result … Continue reading Reviving Past Treasures

An Update

Dear friends, Our dear DIL R, came home last night in one piece, thank goodness! Our daughter, her wife, B, picked her up in Old Ellicott.  Strangely enough, she was pictured on our local news as she was trying to get a message to B as to where she was. That hasn’t alleviated the pain and suffering, though.  So many are heartbroken yet again over … Continue reading An Update

Spring Hath Sprung and Happy Bearthday!

Or perhaps one can say it’s peeking around the corner, hesitantly moving forward in fits and starts:).  That’s OK – I’ll take it! The past week or so has been pretty much same old same old. Not a whole bunch to report, except I did finally finish the Bright Sweater! That last sleeve took sooooo long to finish. I have to laugh – I thought for sure … Continue reading Spring Hath Sprung and Happy Bearthday!