Pandemic Diary: Days of Grief and Pain

To say I am beyond disgusted by the grandstanding, cruelty, lack of leadership and downright evil among people in our government and their lackeys who should know better would be the understatement of the century. I am a lot of angry and do not have the words that are appropriate to place in this blog.Continue reading “Pandemic Diary: Days of Grief and Pain”

Lazy Sunday and knitting plans

How are you all doing? I hope you are listening to the advice of the scientists and not allowing this tragic pandemic to be a thing of politics.  Please think about the vulnerable people in your community and follow the commonsense guidelines they have set forth for the good of all wherever you live. IContinue reading “Lazy Sunday and knitting plans”

Just a crazy thought born of intense disgust and a lot of other emotions….

Someone in my family, growing tired of the constant, “Where are you from?” question to newspeople during the White House “news” conferences on COVID 19, suggested something and it gave me an idea. What if I started a news magazine called, “Yo Mama?” I could get press credentials… well then you figure out the punchContinue reading “Just a crazy thought born of intense disgust and a lot of other emotions….”

Pandemic Diary: A weekend can still be a weekend.

Throughout the week working at home, I would go outside just to prove to myself that there was an outdoors.  I took this picture of this tree outside our home late one night.  Thank goodness, Spring has finally arrived in our corner of the globe  – always a sign of encouragement. Sleeping was problematic allContinue reading “Pandemic Diary: A weekend can still be a weekend.”

Pandemic Diary: Thankful

Well doesn’t that sound so self- important? I’m sure my experience of this madness is no more interesting than anyone else’s.  In fact, so far, I count myself among the very lucky, in a way.  I say, “in a way,” because one of our family contracted the dreaded virus.  (Following is the “lucky” part.) Thankfully,Continue reading “Pandemic Diary: Thankful”

Quarterly Review:) Warning: A LONG Post!

Wow.  A lot has happened since last I posted.  At least it seems like a lot to me. There was Christmas, and New Year’s – both nice and not-so-nice, with a lot of family drama that did not need to happen.  I will spare you that bit because it involves personal information that is notContinue reading “Quarterly Review:) Warning: A LONG Post!”

Christmas Eve Cast-on – Is that really a thing?

This is the picture I have been keeping in my head as I go through my holiday knitting this year – and there is precious little time for that, what with work.  Not that I don’t sneak a few hours in here and there once the workday is over. More about this later. This year,Continue reading “Christmas Eve Cast-on – Is that really a thing?”