Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today, before the New Year’s fireworks started, Danny and Tori were married. Happy Anniversary and many many more. I wish them all the success and happiness in the world.

Today was another day of waking up late. John’s working at the hotel for a very long day. I need to poll the adult children to see (1) if we have anyone over for dinner and (2) if I am needed for any babysitting duty. Otherwise at 7 I’m taking two buses and a subway (not) to that NYE party.
Happy New Year everyone!
And Patrick and Jeannie – hope all your wishes come true and that your wedding is wonderful! I know Jim and Jackie will be having a terrific time:)

Scarves – a whole bunch of ’em

I just find them so relaxing – and I’ve found a new use for sock yarn, LOL! I have decided to forego all sock knitting. Just cannot get behind it. I know that’s anathema to my fellow knitting addicts, but there you go. That’s me. If I’m buying beautiful yarn, it’s NOT going on my (or anyone else’s) stinky old feet. That’s what long skirts are for, LOL. I think it’s my issue with socks in general. They make me feel like my toes are suffocating. Oh, the field day Freud would have with that one!
Here are some examples of what I’m working on lately (did you think I’d just be doing one???)
As you can see, the first two make use of Bernat Matrix component yarn with a little sparkle and either a brightly colored Micro Spun or some simple Red Heart black yarn the one on the right is a vivid combination of blues and greens (just a little too faded with this phone camera) in a sock yarn I just fell in love with. It won’t be a large scarf, just a little something to wear with a suit. Why not…..
This week has been very lazy. Tomorrow I’m back to church and I’ve also been invited to a New Year’s Eve party at the neighbors’ home. Perfect – right next door and they’re very nice, so it should be fun. This is the first time (barring last year, of course!) that I’ve been at a New Year’s Eve celebration outside of the house in years! John’s job always has him working that night – it’s the hotel business, after all. But then, he’s not one for the New Year’s Eve stuff; he gets melancholy. I tend to look forward to things – at least I still do. Hope that doesn’t change!
Then Tuesday a number of places are closed for President Ford’s funeral at the National Cathedral. But I’ll be back doing visits in preparation for a crazy Thursday and Friday.
If I don’t write anything tomorrow or Monday, Happy New Year to everyone! May it bring all good things to you!

Silly way to spend an evening, but I like it…

This was my first attempt at steaking. I understand why people like to do it, but it is nervewracking to say the least. A friend of mine got a teddy bear for Christmas, so I thought I’d make a sweater for the bear. It’s easier and even smaller than baby clothes, so I figured why not? It came from scraps of wool I would have thrown out anyway and I learned a skill in the process, so what the heck. I won’t solve any of the world’s problems or help a client out, but in the scheme of things, it was a relatively harmless way to spend the evening and I got a few loads of wash (GASP) done…. Good thing about knitting for a bear is no one gets insulted if it’s too fat or wide.
Well, I’ve got to get ready for next week and the start of a whole new year. There are a number of hearings coming up, of course and a new attorney to supervise and a food plan to get BACK (!!!) on and exercising (read: walks in the park, please!) to keep me on the plan. No more backsliding. This is ridiculous.
Knitting still ongoing: Log Cabin Afghan from the Mason-Dixon Knitting women; FLAK sweater, another aran I’d like to do by Alice Starmore (trying to decide between the Inishmore and the Inishmaan) and perhaps some sweaters for Madison and Ruby – but by the time I’m done, they’ve grown!
Today was kind of weird in that I was called upon by our new Rector to send an e-mail out to the choir (I keep up the contacts list and have everyone’s e-mail). Not that it was an unreasonable request. It just felt weird because our choir director is out of town and the Rector is trying to get our presence at a memorial service per the request of the bereaved family and asked me to send out the e-mail because she is unable to get in touch with the music director. She was very conscious in her e-mail of NOT wanting to do an end run or “micro manage,” and I certainly respect that. Again, not unreasonable. Death doesn’t take holidays. Oh Lord, did I just write that? Even I’m gagging…. Oh well, leave it to me to make far too much of it. I think this comes from working for law firms where even if you were out of town at a family wedding, they’d call you just because they could. And I tend to be very resistant to that, even when it’s not intended as such. OK, analysis over.
John has been working like a dog this week into next- double schedule with no break in sight until next Thursday – and of course that’s when work starts kicking in big time for me. Isn’t that always the way? As hard as the kids work and as crazy as my schedule can get, he puts us all to shame! It’ll be good to see him get a break next week. Let’s hope!
Some good stuff on the horizon: my Dad and SM (Maureen) are coming into town the end of the month – an opportunity to take a night off, have dinner and maybe do some DC sightseeing that Sat. Some of the kids will be joining us and of course, we will be attending Dan’s play at the Rohrschach Theater on Friday. Good times:) (And don’t forgot the new episodes of Buddy Jackson ) Oh, and our nephew, Patrick is getting married on a Caribbean Island to his love, Jeannie and John’s brother, Jim and sister-in-law, Jackie, will be there. So now there are two New Year’s Eve weddings: Patrick and Jeannie’s and Dan’s and Tori’s. No excuses for forgetting:)
Oh, and our nephew JT (James) and his bride, Angela had a little girl: Katherine Elizabeth – an eight pounder! Welcome to the world, littlest angel!
Lots to smile about:)
Good night, angels!

And Remember, We Were Fighting for Our Lives Then!

All of us in this country give lip service to the ideals set
forth in the Bill of rights and emphasized by every additional amendment, and
yet, when war is stirring in the world, many of us are ready to curtail our
civil liberties. We do not stop to think that curtailing these liberties
may in the end bring us a greater danger than the danger we are trying to
Eleanor Roosevelt, Cosmospolitan, Feb. 1940
Talk about timely advice from a voice of the past!
So far, this week has been lazier than anticipated. I finally FINALLY finished my son’s sweater and, as stated previously, it is about 2x the size it was supposed to be. I knitted this a size HUGE. But for some reason, he still wants it and who am I to judge? I’m just glad it’s off the “UFO” list.
Have decided in the last couple of weeks to join Equality Maryland. It’s a group of people fighting for (among other things) equal marriage rights for gay people. Since it’s something I fervently believe in since, IMHO all children, not just the children of straight people, should have the stability that marriage can (not always does) bring to families. I don’t know what, if any, good I can do, but I will try.
Well, at some point, I’ve got to re-clean the house and get things in order for the coming year at work – transferring cases, arrranging schedules, etc. and getting knitting projects together.
OK, this entry is even starting to make me snore – so I will go now:)

New Horoscope

Bob Breszny says: “There are still places in China where plagues of locusts periodically descend in Biblical proportions. A few years ago, farmers in the region of Xinjiang fought back, gathering an army of 10,000 chickens in anticipation of the invading hordes. The bird soldiers were trained for two months, and when the showdown came, they acquitted themselves admirably. This vignette is an apt metaphor for a challenge you’ll face in 2007. While in general the year should bring an abundant amount of sweet luck and high adventures, there will be a locust visitation or two. I urge you to assemble your own personal equivalent of a chicken army. What might that mean, practically speaking? Here are some possibilities: (1) Be well-prepared for natural anomalies. (2) Ally yourself with the enemy of your adversary. (3) Get others to help you fight your battles. ”

Ah, but how to “fight” apathy? The one thing fighting will never do is get someone to love you. Being loving is the only way I know and truly loving doesn’t even care whether one gets the result or not. Another thing: who is one’s adversary? Usually one doesn’t even know that until it’s too late. What are natural anomalies? Why should others want to fight my battles for me? I get that we need to be prepared, but this kind of thinking could drive one a little crazy. How about taking reasonable precautions, building up treasure in heaven and building on the the true wealth in life: love and friendship?

Sounds like a plan to me…..

Well, so much for simple answers to complex questions. And thank God there aren’t any simple answers to complex people:)

A Terminal Case of Cute or ‘Nothing You Could Do Could Make Me Untrue To My Guys…."

“The Christian religion not only was at first attended with miracles, but even at this day cannot be believed by any reasonable person without one. Mere reason is insufficient to convince us of its veracity; and whoever is moved by faith to assent to it, is conscious of a continued miracle in his/her own person, which subverts all the principles of his understanding and gives him/her a determination to believe what is most contrary to custom and experience.”

David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding “Of Miracles” (1748, edited to remove the sexist use of pronouns)

With the exception of the first picture, some of the above are so funny – they’re logos from another blog: gracenotes over at livejournal.com. I especially love the “f you.” No, the sentiment isn’t exactly sweetness and light, but it cracks me up.

Well, Christmas was lovely. I am sort of kind of taking the day off today, since we had no shelter hearings today and there is really no reason to go into the office.

Dori took amazing photos of the grandbabies and framed them. We now have four lovely professionally done photos of our two granddaughters. Where to hang the pics? Decisions, decisions, but we think in the playroom-which-was-supposed-to-be-a-dining-room area makes sense. A preview of one of the photos is at the top of this entry.

Three of my kids got me a portable GPS system which will come in VERY handy while doing client visits. And yes, it talks to me. How disturbing…. Two of my other kids got me really interesting books, one of which provided the quote you see here today at the top of this post. John got me some cool gifts, one of which was a “regifting” from a customer at the Center Club, unlike John, a fellow Democrat. It is a keychain that gives you the countdown for Bush’s time in office. Kind of like the one you see on the sidebar of this blog, LOL. Also a DVD called “WordPlay” with an accompanying workbook about crossword puzzles. I am in hog heaven:). That and the cool corkscrew set really shows John’s got my number, LOL:)

John got the usual cologne and a few goodies from Restoration Hardware from me. The kids got him a photo printer. He’s not one to view things online – wants to frame and hang up his photos like a normal person:)

The grandchildren were overwhelmed by the time they had to get to their daddy’s house, but this morning, they briefly stopped by for a visit to collect a lot of their “stuff” and they seemed a lot better rested.

As was Grandma. I’ve started to finish that huge sweater for my son, Danny – it could fit him and his wife together, but he wants it anyway. Hmmmm…. they are newlyweds. Not going there, LOL

Well, Nigella Feasts is running for the 110th time on the DVR thingie, so I better get going. And I may just take another look at the Knitty Gritty episode on steaking.

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday:)


Merry Christmas!

“The child I held last Friday had no merits and achievements; he deserved the best in spite of – or because of – having nothing but his helplessness. .
“God does not let us have what’s left over from the grace given to holy and honourable people, he doesn’t look around for some small bonus that might come from the end-of-year surplus in the budget. He gives the best: himself; his life, his presence, in his eternal Son and Word; he gives Jesus to be born, to die and rise again and to call us into full fellowship with him in the Spirit. He gives us his own passion and urgency to go where human dignity is most threatened and pour out extravagantly the riches of love.”
Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury+

Well, it looks like Santa arrived last night. The grandkids are having a blast and I suspect Ruby is needing a nap pretty soon – they didn’t sleep too well last night. Kris and Sonny are on their way over and Dan and Tori will probably be here fairly soon, too – as soon as they wake up, LOL:) In about 15 minutes I have to have the turkey in the oven (easy when you don’t stuff the bird – a function of having vegetarians and being terrified of salmonella). It also makes the turkey cook faster. As it is, it’ll be five hours of cooking (15 minutes per hour for a 20-lb bird).
The church services last night were lovely, if a bit of a marathon. I don’t know how Nancy does it, but I guess that’s what it’s like for any profession during “busy season.”
Well, time to be with the family!
Merry Christmas!

Now it feels like Christmas:)

Well the downstairs at least is clean, the desks are cleaned off, the carpets are vacuumed and even the bathroom is clean (no pic of that, puhleeease) and it feels like Christmas is coming. A cheesecake is in the oven, thanks to Sabrina seen cooking above.

The menu is prepared, the schedule is on the ‘fridge (I have to do that, else I’ll forget to cook something). I am trying to talk my son and his wife into coming to the late service tonight, but we’ll see. Dori and the grandangels are coming over. All I have left to do is go to the store and buy bread and rolls, a container for the dip (per Sabrina – she makes home-made onion dip!!) and go to Blockbuster for a last-minute gift for one of John’s co-workers who’s covering a night shift at the hotel for other employees. John has to work tonight, but we’ll be fine in the morning. Luckily, no choir at church tomorrow a.m., so I get my church done before Christmas, LOL. Kristin and Sonny will come over tomorrow after visiting with his family. Danny and Tori will be doing the same (except visiting with Tori’s family, LOL). Dori, Betsy, Sabrina and JoAnna will already be here. The Ruby and Madison will have Christmas dinner with their Daddy and his parents, Don and Betty.
I’ll be getting ready for choir at about 6 – warm up at 7:30; Christmas pre-service singing for two services, at 8 and 10:30 and home by 12-12:30 Christmas night/morning:)
I have some wrapping to do and stockings to stuff once the little people get to sleep – and they better be by the time I get home, LOL! Please God, let everybody be safe!
Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this! May the gift of Christ and of God’s peace be with all of you:)


And the countdown continues!

You should and could be the zodiac’s premier networker in 2007. The connections you foster and the deals you broker can save the world–or at least your local segment of the world. In order to pull it all off with maximum effectiveness, you should also be the zodiac’s premier fun-maker. Throw parties, tell jokes, and constantly invite people to play harder and take themselves less seriously. What can you do to prepare for this destiny? Start by getting yourself holiday gifts that will help you fulfill your assignments. How about installing a backyard water park, for instance? (Neiman-Marcus offers such a thing in its Christmas catalog.) Or about some comedy lessons from a person like the humor coach in the film Borat? Happy Holy Daze, Aquarius!
Now THERE’s a horoscope I can get behind:)

I sure hope these are going to be “before” pictures! You don’t even see the mess the living room is in:)

Of course, the daughter and grandangels are perfect just as they are – and the tree, well, what’s Christmas without a drunken angel on top of the tree, right?
It’s been a little while since I posted. Wednesday evening we had our EfM dinner at Clydes in Columbia (John’s and my favorite restaurant). Had a blast. It was nice to spend the evening socializing:)
Wednesday, I foolishly stayed up until 5 AM to put a huge dent in that sweater’s progress, but then had court at 9, so I was up at 7. DOH! Luckily, nothing in the afternoon.
The sweater is is finally done and was delivered Thursday evening practice. Did not do much blocking because there just wasn’t time. Don’t even know if Nancy has seen it yet because it was at the bottom of the gift bag I practically threw in her general direction before choir prax – she is terribly busy this time of year, so who knows. Thursday night’s practice was with the Bay Street Brass ensemble for the Christmas Eve services. They practice in the church, and they do this for us gratis at Christmas. We are singing the first movement of the Rutter Gloria and an original piece by Robert Lichtenberger, a church member who composed for the US Army Band. It’s a lively piece called Hodie Christus Natus Est (Today Christ is Born) and it is so melodically and rhythmically lively – a celebration all its own. It is a bit daunting to sing a piece for the actual composer, though. I think we’re ready – or as ready as we’ll ever be! I think our rehearsal was just fine. I’m hoping things are OK with the “boss,” though.
On the work front, our newest attorney was sworn in officially last week and is now a member of the Maryland Bar. She will do well, I am sure. So, I’ve got some cases to transfer and some mentoring to do in the next year. I will follow her career with interest in any event. Things are a little different under the new contract, but not much. Hopefully the final legalities will go off well. We shall see….
On the home front, I am not ready for Christmas, but getting there. John has one gift, I have an idea for a second and the rest is anybody’s guess. Thankfully, he’s the only one remaining for whom I have to shop. Spent about 10 hours yesterday at Arundel Mills Mall and Safeway supermarket – and do you believe I still need to pick up 6 pounds of butter, Hershey kisses, candy canes (we use ’em to decorate the tree after Santa’s arrival) and the wine and vodka?
Also need to do about 6 loads of wash, vacuum everything, clean everything and cart the sh*tload of boxes and crap down to the basement until we pack up the tree again. Have to find the tree skirt and the Nativity and hang up the stockings (with care, mind you….).
Tonight I need to bake a banana bread or two for Christmas morning and I think Sabrina’s going to bake cookies. Although I certainly don’t need all the carbs and calories, it’s a nice warm feeling to come into a house where holiday baking is happening!
When John leaves for work tonight, I’ll get the wrapping done (let’s hope:))
Dori and the grandangels are going to be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with us. It will be exciting having little ones in the house again waiting for Santa! But this also means we have to hide a lot of gifts and be discreet again!
I love Christmas!