Look what they’ve done to my shawl, Ma or Nina as Baby Blankie

With the advent of a new great niece I decided it was time to knit something (as if I didn’t already have a gazillion projects a humming in the house…) Anyhoo, I thought I’d use the Nina Shawl pattern. I love all the M-D patterns, but this one is especially cute and quite adaptable toContinue reading “Look what they’ve done to my shawl, Ma or Nina as Baby Blankie”

Oh Man… And I coulda had a V8!

Apparently I have “gay hands.” Man! After 30 years of marriage and six kids, I’ve been doing it all wrong! Geez Louise! I should have been another ALF. Little did I know:) Note the ring finger is ever so much longer than the index finger. Well now I’m showing my total lack of experience andContinue reading “Oh Man… And I coulda had a V8!”

And the roller coaster ride continues

Today was court. Not too eventful, except the one contested case that ended appropriately. I had promised a co-worker an eyelash scarf to wear with work clothes and so decided to check out Michaels. Sure enough – massive sale:) so I was a little bit bad:) Seriously, it cost very little – 2 bucks aContinue reading “And the roller coaster ride continues”

Wednesday, blessed Wednesday:)

No, I’m not posting any to-dos here, but I will be doing a lot ‘o stuff today before EFM. I will have the opportunity to really see if that GPS thingie works when I go to an ITP meeting (Individual Treatment Plan) meeting and then to visit two clients. Then maybe will be driving someoneContinue reading “Wednesday, blessed Wednesday:)”

Good Advice but felt I had to delete it….

Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton of New York City has the right idea. This came from her “Almost Daily eMo” and boy did it hit home for me. And I posted it here earlier today – and forwarded it to my church choir. But then I took a look at the bottom of her e-mail andContinue reading “Good Advice but felt I had to delete it….”