Blogging between the dockets

Have about 45 minutes to chill out before the pm docket and so I figured I’d write about nothing much in particular. Not much is new since last I wrote, but I did want to bring things a bit more up to date between bites of this rather nice tuna sandwich.

Christmas was an embarrassment of riches. We had much to be grateful for this year- we’re both employed, My brother found a great job, our kids are all employed, we’re healthy and we’re all together.

The services at St. John’s were beautiful-from the Christmas Pageant with the children at 5 to the two evening services and preludes from 7:30 to after midnight. Still, with all the pageantry and the beautiful choral and instrumental music, my favorite moments were when the organ dropped out and the lights were low and the entire congregation sang Silent Night. I cannot imagine how that must be for someone in the parking lot! All the Whos in Whoville singing that simple and eloquent hymn.

When the services were over, I wished everyone a Merry Christmas and drove home. I was DONE! The quiet ride home along the silent streets of Old Ellicott was balm for the soul.

I don’t remember my head hitting the pillow.

The nice thing about having grown kids on Christmas is you get to sleep in, take your time with the turkey and enjoy opening gifts when everyone comes over. It’s good to be the grandma:)!

The following week, almost nothing happened at work- just a couple of meetings and client visits and only one morning docket. I went to our Prayer Shawl Ministry’s Christmas lunch – any excuse to knit! (And hang out with some nice people).

One evening, John, Dan and I went to dinner at our friend, Charles’ house. His sister, Yvonne, was visiting from England. They had been over earlier this year and Charles wanted to return the favor. It was a terrific meal and the conversation and laughs were memorable! We all had a great time. The following week, Charles and Dan had colds, so Yvonne, John and I went to see our son Danny in the play Mojo in D.C. Dan plays an East Ender (London) lowlife nightclub worker. I think he did the accent very well, but left it up to Yvonne to decide.I think she agreed.

Dan’s the tall slim guy in the middle, first from the right. I think this was some of his best work yet! After the play, we met up with Casie and had supper nearby.

Yvonne, Pam (a lovely lady from church) and I went to lunch in DC and visited the Washington National Cathedral. I have been there already on a number of occasions and could probably go there every week until the day I die and still miss some amazing detail of the place. It was great fun sharing the day with Pam and Yvonne.

On the return trip, we saw two if the most GINORMOUS (why does that word seem somehow misogynistic to me?) displays of Christmas decorations. The first was a home that borders on DC and Maryland- affectionately referred to as the “Griswolds” by those of us who have gone to the Cathedral with Nancy and Rennie:

And the second being the home of a teacher with whom I went to law school and from our old neighborhood in Columbia- this one is a work of art and i hope they own stock in BG&E!!

This week we’re back to “bidness as yooshull”- bells, EfM, choir. This weekend, I’m looking forward to going to Connecticut to attend Vicki’s ordination! YIPPEE!!

Well, gotta get back to the courthouse, but in case there’s a little wait, I brought a good friend along:

Will blog again soon, and

God be with you ’til we meet again+

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

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