OK, no cleaning bs today

Except maybe a little bit of wash, LOL! Yesterday afternoon, Betsy, Sabrina and JoAnna left for OC to spend the night with Danny and Tori. After watching just one episode of The Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network, I figured I'd go to the store, pick up John's prescription and then make myself a dinnerContinue reading “OK, no cleaning bs today”

OK, this is boring..

But if I write it here – maybe it will actually get done. 1-2 Clean kitchen dishes counter tops remove junk dump garbage sweep floor 2-2:30 Clean downstairs bathroom 2:30-3 Clean upstairs toilets (if nothing else, LOL) 3-6 Do Wash practice flute practice violin knit 7-7:30 vacuum downstairs when Edgar goes home (PLEASE!!-poor Edgar) 8-10Continue reading “OK, this is boring..”

Fartin around but got a lot to do

Let's see if I get this crap done: Sort wash (looks like we have about 6 loads give or take plus whatever's in the machines Put in a load, move a load over, fold a load (leftovers from who knows which day this week, LOL) clean downstairs bathroom Pick up downstairs Clean kitchen Do dishesContinue reading “Fartin around but got a lot to do”

Here’s anutter one (oops….)

the Ham (39% dark, 47% spontaneous, 27% vulgar) your humor style: CLEAN | SPONTANEOUS | LIGHTYour style’s mostly goofy, innocent and feel-good. Perfect for parties and for the dads who chaperone them. You can actually get away with corny jokes, and I bet your sense of humor is a guilty pleasure for your friends. PeopleContinue reading “Here’s anutter one (oops….)”

thanks, brother Nutter

The ExpatriateAchtung! You are 15% brainwashworthy, 13% antitolerant, and 9% blindly patriotic Congratulations! You are not susceptible to brainwashing, your values and cares extend beyond the borders of your own country, and your Blind Patriotism (“patriotism” for short) does not reach unhealthy levels. In Germany in the 30s, you would've left the country. One badContinue reading “thanks, brother Nutter”