Every Child Deserves a Team

In my work, I’m often considered to be a member of a “team.”  My clients often have medical, mental health, or educational issues and at times I attend meetings on behalf of my clients to determine what patchwork of services will best assist him or her to become the best they can be under theContinue reading “Every Child Deserves a Team”

Unsettled and grateful

It’s a cloudy, threatening-to-be rainy Tuesday.  I’m caught up with paperwork for the office and have a few things to do in terms of readying myself (or my proxies) for Thursday’s hearings. The morning has been a flurry of phone calls about flights and hotel reservations and who is paying for what. It’s fine, that’sContinue reading “Unsettled and grateful”

That’s what I’m talking about!

Of course I think he’s just perfect and don’t you dare tell me otherwise.  Never mind the sweater that Gram knit him is just a little to big.  He’ll grow into it (with lots of layers underneath). He’s obviously loving the attention from his Mommy:) as Daddy takes the picture! But like most toddlers, he’sContinue reading “That’s what I’m talking about!”

Quietly working my way through Sunday

Last night was lovely. I saw the Concert Artists of Baltimore, with Edward Polochick and the orchestra.  They sang a relatively obscure work of Robert Schumann’s – the Missa Sacra.  It was a stellar performance by the singers (of whom Alison E and Diane L are friends – I’m so proud:)) and the instrumentalists asContinue reading “Quietly working my way through Sunday”