Quiet Aftermath

Well the electricity went off early this morning, so I’m listening to NPR on the battery-charged radio, typing this on my phone, sitting in my little knitting corner and knitting- because outside of doing the dishes and rearranging the den to allow the lovely breeze in, there’s not much else I can do. Except for the electrical situation (and our neighbor’s water shortage- they use … Continue reading Quiet Aftermath

Heresy!! Or WWAD?

Here I sit, (my newly trimmed-down behind exceedingly sore on the stone bench) near the lovely fountain outside the Baltimore County courthouse. I am waiting for the afternoon docket and it’s the loveliest August day I’ve ever seen! It has to be about 65 degrees F – glad to have my jacket on! The morning’s docket was fairly uneventful except the Master (they preside over … Continue reading Heresy!! Or WWAD?