Not necessarily my future, but food for thought

“What is Great Purple?” asks Japanese poet Nanao Sakaki in his book Let’s Eat Stars. Is it “a piece of purple sky floating in my lover’s eyes?” he speculates. “A cloud made of purple wine passing over Mt. Fuji? The color of a full-blooming magnolia’s root? The shadow of a star visible only to birds? The light of the last water you drink?” I invite … Continue reading Not necessarily my future, but food for thought

Circle Pits, not Karate Kicks???

OK, I did it. What is that you said? Sorry can’t hear you! What an amazing night. I came away with an appreciation for punk/hardcore music. Now some will tell you it’s not music. They will say all the “songs” sound alike. ‘Taint necessarily so. What I found really fascinating was the fact that the boundary distinction between performer and attendee was seriously blurred. The … Continue reading Circle Pits, not Karate Kicks???


“on this life journey friends are guides, guardian angels, mentors, role models, truth tellers, comforters, comic relief and side kicks.” Bonnie Anderson How true that is! I was thinking about how important friendship is – you know, all those funny e-mails you get telling you that a true friend is not only someone you can call after you’ve killed someone and they’ll keep it quiet … Continue reading Friendship

Half Day and I don’t know how to act:)

Yesterday was spent at the desk, doing a lot of paperwork, answering e-mails, getting ready for today. Yesterday evening was EFM, and what an interesting evening it was! Have you ever had the eerie feeling that something greater than your own planning was at work? I did last night. I drove over to church to cram some last minute reading (in the car, in the … Continue reading Half Day and I don’t know how to act:)