Conference and about 35,000 stitches to go

Today was a beautiful day. Unfortunately I was unable to get a proper walk in, but I was able to get some paperwork done, get it mailed off, requested a subpoena and covered a shelter for a colleague in my county. Having those basics attended to, I was able to set off for Ocean City,Continue reading “Conference and about 35,000 stitches to go”

Another gem from Bob Brezsny

Interesting… AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): No faking allowed, Aquarius. I mean it. You must do no pretending, tell no dirty lies, and never act as if you knowthings you don’t truly know. Instead, say exactly what you mean; be more real than you have ever dared to be; be nothing more and nothing less thanContinue reading “Another gem from Bob Brezsny”

OK, you non-knitters out there – take a nap!

I posted this query at the Mason Dixon Knitting blog this morning: Hi – I have been raving about your new book to everyone and anyone who will listen to me – it’s fabulous!!! I am at the end of the “PeriodicTable of the Elements” for the XXL sweater and I think I may haveContinue reading “OK, you non-knitters out there – take a nap!”

This is all I’ve been working on

As far as knitting goes, that is!It’s been a fairly quiet week on the work front, although I have some visits to catch up on. And it’s been a short week, what with the Columbus Day holiday on Monday. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to get three walks in since Sunday. After church, Nancy andContinue reading “This is all I’ve been working on”