Food for Thought

I’ve said many times before that I’m not really a big believer in astrology, but Bob Breszny’s horoscopes are extremely thought provoking. For example, here’s the one for this week: AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): If I were dressing you for Halloween, I wouldbe inclined to draw on the inspiration of those old fairy tales that feature thetheme of restoration: like the prince who, because of … Continue reading Food for Thought

Conference and about 35,000 stitches to go

Today was a beautiful day. Unfortunately I was unable to get a proper walk in, but I was able to get some paperwork done, get it mailed off, requested a subpoena and covered a shelter for a colleague in my county. Having those basics attended to, I was able to set off for Ocean City, Merlin. Above are a few pictures literally snapped as I … Continue reading Conference and about 35,000 stitches to go

Another gem from Bob Brezsny

Interesting… AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): No faking allowed, Aquarius. I mean it. You must do no pretending, tell no dirty lies, and never act as if you knowthings you don’t truly know. Instead, say exactly what you mean; be more real than you have ever dared to be; be nothing more and nothing less than who you actually are. Why is this authenticity crusade so … Continue reading Another gem from Bob Brezsny

OK, you non-knitters out there – take a nap!

I posted this query at the Mason Dixon Knitting blog this morning: Hi – I have been raving about your new book to everyone and anyone who will listen to me – it’s fabulous!!! I am at the end of the “PeriodicTable of the Elements” for the XXL sweater and I think I may have found anerror. Please tell me if this makes sense. I … Continue reading OK, you non-knitters out there – take a nap!