The fugue, which comes from the Latin for “flight” (as in flee) – has a role both in music and psychology. And now a new element has entered my family’s life: autism, its causes and treatment.  The interplay between the State and the individual fascinates me… and I love to knit. 
I’m as complex and as simple as they come.  I’m middle-aged, married, living since 1980 as a New York transport in a Maryland suburb. My husband and I have raised six now-adult kids and we have so far been blessed with five grandchildren. John is a hotelman and I became a lawyer to get out of the house, and now have the privilege of representing kids in court. I love to sing, ring bells, play flute and percussion in my church choirs because I love music and theology and what better way to combine the two? Psychology intrigues me because I love people and the way their minds work.  Yes, it’s true, I really love people – most of them anyway – which many might think disqualifies me as a lawyer.   An unfortunate -and unfair – byproduct of my profession. But don’t hold any of the above against me.  I can do enough to get myself in trouble in spite of or because of first impressions.  Peace to all who enter here:)


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  1. Harvard G says:

    Thanks for coming by 🙂
    What kind of law did you practice?

    ” I really love people – most of them anyway – which many might think disqualifies me as a lawyer. ”
    lol – it’s fun to be a maverick. Someone has to change the perception – might as well be you!

  2. fuguestateknits says:

    I represent children in CINA (Child in Need of Assistance) cases in Baltimore County, MD. Nothing quite as exciting as what you do:)

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