Wow – it’s been a little while

Had a fairly productive day today – saw 7 clients, got the wash started and got to SING! Yippee! It was a nice precursor to the choir season soon to start:)Summer will officially be over tomorrow – school starts. Hooray!!!!Oh I know I’m evil!Four people from choir are going to see our missing bass, Chris,Continue reading “Wow – it’s been a little while”

Do some of us go through life this way?

Fugue state: An altered state of consciousness in which a person may move about purposely and even speak but is not fully aware. A fugue state is usually a type of complex partial seizure. ( In psychology, a fugue state (also known as a ‘psychogenic fugue’ or ‘dissociative fugue’) is a state of mind whereContinue reading “Do some of us go through life this way?”

Let’s see, what’s new…..

This past Monday, Kelly finally had her baby – a nine pound baby girl they are naming Magdelene – or Maggie for short. I am now officially “it” for the next two months. We thankfully have help with client visits and one other attorney who will do the Friday AM dockets, which I end upContinue reading “Let’s see, what’s new…..”

Saturday ain’t what it used to be:)

The firm is being audited on Friday. No problem – just have to go through three boxes of files to winnow out the info they need. So.. since today is really the only day I have to do it, today it is. Off to the office. I guess tomorrow will be for church, client visitsContinue reading “Saturday ain’t what it used to be:)”

Candlelight Vigil in Support of Cindy Sheehan

View to my left – Catonsville Public Library. Vigil in support of Cindy Sheehan and against the war in Iraq – 1 block away from where the Catonsville 9 burned their draft cards about 30+ years ago:) We were encouraged by the support coming from people in traffic going by. I was also struck byContinue reading “Candlelight Vigil in Support of Cindy Sheehan”