Wow – it’s been a little while

Had a fairly productive day today – saw 7 clients, got the wash started and got to SING! Yippee! It was a nice precursor to the choir season soon to start:)
Summer will officially be over tomorrow – school starts. Hooray!!!!
Oh I know I’m evil!
Four people from choir are going to see our missing bass, Chris, at the nursing home. He is at last report in and out of fever and his blood sugar is skyrocketing- are they putting him on insulin? If not, why not and if so, why can’t they get his blood sugar down? As Nancy put it, with his blood sugar up, his body becomes a “petrie dish” for whatever germ wants to come live in him. Creepy – the poor guy! I’m going to try to visit on tuesday – have a couple of visits out in Western Md I should be doing. We’ll see.
Dori has to work tonight, so she and her family won’t be coming for dinner. Kris is up in the air, literally, flying home from CA, so she won’t be home. I did get a call from Tori’s mother, Lisa, saying she and Dan are on their way, so it should be a bit crazy after dinner tonight:)

Sunday evening

Kristin is still in CA – probably getting on the plane as I type this. I will be picking her up around 10:30 PM tonight. It will be good to have our conquering heroine home (note the 'e' on the end of that!!!).
The day started out fairly well. I woke up early and got started on the wash. Let me repeat that. I woke up early and started the wash. No alien beings have not taken over my body. It was guilt pure and simple. Poor John was waiting for me to get home with the car last night and ended up taking JoAnna's car. I felt so bad, I was supposed to get all this housework done and of course, didn't happen. so I thought I'd at least give it a shot this AM. Not that much ELSE got done, LOL:) I took the rest of the time to arrange for some visits for tomorrow's hearings and got ready for church/choir. Well, not really choir, just a bunch of us choir nerds who love to sing:) I was so happy.
Afterwards, I went out to Finksburg, Ellicott City and Windsor Mill to visit a total of 7 clients, so all in all, it was a good day. Right now we are waiting for pizza – my first meal of the day. Maybe this “one meal a day 'cause who has time” diet will work for me. Somehow I doubt it!
Tomorrow is court and whatever the Big Guy upstairs wants to throw at me.
silly me

Thanks, dori!

You can see I haven't gotten to work yet !!!!!

The Random Question Meme!

An array of completely random questions about my friends!

How long have you known ?
All her life!
Does know how to spell the word 'embarrass' correctly?
He's talented that way.
Did steal the cookie from the cookie jar?
Never! But he'd be the first to share his cookies if he had them:)
What is 's favorite movie?
Oh, that's a tough one, she has a HUGE collection!
: pansy, or wuss?
Neither! A honeybear!
Is best described as a badger, a mushroom, or a snake?
Badger, because she doesn't take no for an answer.
What is allergic to?
white fish and some things we don't know.
Where do you think is right now?
In Towson.
What is the strangest thing has ever said to you?
I want to marry your daughter, LOL (just kidding).

This is by . You can find your own completely random questions here.

Do you feel enlightened now?

It’s a work day…

Got about three more visits to do to get ready for court tomorrow. Then, if I’m lucky, I’ll go to the film series showing at SJEC tonight. Hey, I don’t get out much:)
Next week will be hell on wheels, so it will be a good idea to get cracking on some of that work, too. But for now, things are ok. And I’m going to one of those funky Fred Pryor Seminar with Darlene and Michael on Friday – how to deal with difficult employees/people. Of course I never have that problem in my job, LOL!

John was actually home for a while last night. It was weird because Betsy went to bed early after a long day and it felt like we were almost empty nesting it – JoAnna was in Towson I assume at Victoria’s and Sabrina was at Ellen’s house/dog sitting. Danny and Tori are on their way back from OC next week. We will see what the future holds.
Kris hopefully is home Sunday and we can get back to “normal” whatever that is. John’s crazy schedule has put him off kilter. But today he is getting a cardiac stress test and then for a second visit to Dr. Goodwin just to finish up his checkup.

Got a call Monday after court from Pam C., the daughter of that friend of ours (Chris) in choir who was in that car accident a few months ago. The infection her father has is not responding to antibiotics and seems to be taking over. He is apparently heading towards a terminal state. He would not survive surgery to amputate his leg – the shock to his system would be too much – and he would only be doing antibiotics, brief respite, fever, infection, etc. over and over. So Pam (who has medical POA) made the hard decision to stop the antibiotics, but she would not remove the feeding tube. So unless there’s a major miracle, it looks like Chris is not going to do too well, in fact he will probably be meeting his Maker soon. On top of that, another member of the choir just found out he’s got pancreatic cancer! It’s strange, I’m not a big crier or anything, but that evening, I just couldn’t stop crying. I felt like such a moron. I guess it’s because Chris is close to my father’s age and it’s hitting me that this is the time of life when you start to really lose people.

Thank God for children and grandchildren!

Do some of us go through life this way?

Fugue state: An altered state of consciousness in which a person may move about purposely and even speak but is not fully aware. A fugue state is usually a type of complex partial seizure. (

In psychology, a fugue state (also known as a ‘psychogenic fugue’ or ‘dissociative fugue’) is a state of mind where a person experiences a dissociative break in identity and attempts to run away from some perceived threat, usually something abstract such as the person’s identity. People who enter into a fugue state may disappear, running away to a completely different geographical region and assuming another identity. A bewildered facial expression is a common symptom of the condition that can involve both physical and psychological escape from a stressful environment.
A fugue state is often triggered by stress. The condition often follows interpersonal events in which a person is exposed to rage, threats to their self-esteem and challenges to habitual patterns of impulse control. (Wikipedia)

In one form of psychogenic amnesia, called fugue state, individuals may forget not only their pasts but their very identities. Despite the many Hollywood movies depicting this phenomenon, fugue state is extremely rare in real life. Fugue state normally resolves with time, particularly with the help of therapy. (

Non-psychologists more commonly use the term “fugue state” to refer to the state of mind attained by a gifted (Someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)) musician or (A person trained to compete in sports) athlete where the person attains a high degree of focus and attention to their art or actions. This is also a dissociation from one’s surroundings, to concentrate on the work at hand. Other names for the same basic concept include “the mental state called flow,” often seen in the context of (Creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something) programming, and “being in (Click link for more info and facts about the zone) the zone.” (wikipedia?)

1: Am J Clin Hypn. 2003 Apr;45(4):311-22.
Related Articles,
Comment in:
Am J Clin Hypn. 2003 Apr;45(4):323-31.Working with Dissociative Fugue in a general psychotherapy practice: a cautionary tale.Jasper FJ.St. Vincent Hospitals and Health System, 8401 Harcourt Road, Indianapolis, IN 46280, USA.Dissociative Fugue is a somewhat rare condition that therapists may see only once or twice over the course of a professional career. A brief review of the uses of hypnosis in the treatment of Dissociative Fugue is followed by a presentation of the case of a 51-year-old man who presented with the clinical picture of Dissociative Fugue State and who experienced complete amnesia for the time prior to the fugue state. This article focuses on the pitfalls that the psychotherapist in a general practice may face when working with such a patient and offers specific recommendations and scripts that may be useful in proceeding with treatment.Publication Types:
Case ReportsPMID: 12722934 [PubMed

Hmmm maybe one gets into a fugue state while one is knitting? Living in your own little world??

Let’s see, what’s new…..

This past Monday, Kelly finally had her baby – a nine pound baby girl they are naming Magdelene – or Maggie for short. I am now officially “it” for the next two months. We thankfully have help with client visits and one other attorney who will do the Friday AM dockets, which I end up going to anyway because I’m not adequately protecting my calendar [DOH!].

Friday two of my wonderful clients were adopted. I took pictures, but I cannot include them here for fear of violating their privacy. So I will send them only to the people involved and perhaps keep some copies for our files. One family took up three rows of benches in the courtroom!! This child got a huge welcome from this extended family before adoption was even considered- when he first came to the home as a foster kid. All the little cousins sent him hand-made cards welcoming him to their family! They were so loving and so supportive, I can feel my eyes filling with tears as I type this – just thinking of all my other clients who so very much need this kind of love in their lives. The funny thing about this family is they apparently had decided on a “Hawaiian theme” and everyone was wearing Hawaiian shirts. The adoptive mom gave me a handmade floral “lei” bracelet. I wore it in court all day. It’s in rainbow colors, so I’m sure I gave off some sort of “gay pride” vibe, LOL:) That bracelet is now around the gear shift in my car and there it will stay, gay message notwithstanding (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Drew, age 10, was very quiet, but very happy. When the judge pronounced the adoption final, there was a collective cheer and applause from the family -who, strangely enough, fit into the judge’s small chambers!
The other family was adopting their great niece. She was joining a family with three little girls in it already. Little Chloe has gotten so big since I first saw her as a newborn baby with drugs in her system. She is now a beautiful toddler with long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her CASA worker had a hard time holding back the tears as the family gathered with the judge for pictures.
On a more mundane note, the state is doing its annual audit of our files for the 02-03 contract year. Rah! I spent 5 hours yesterday going through about 2/3 of the files to be audited. I know it’s a random process, but why do I feel like every mistake I’ve made is magnified in these things? It’s that childhood guilt thing, I guess. I hope we do OK. Half of the stuff in there I had no contol over, since it occurred a few months before I came aboard, but I can’t help but feel responsible. Oh well, may it be over soon and we don’t do too badly!
In a few minutes I’m heading for church. Our regular organist is back THANK GOD:) Not that the guest ones were bad, you just get used to the really good one you are blessed to have.
After church, to the office to work on files, then to a couple of client visits, then home for dinner with whomever of the family is able/wants to come. Kristin is in NV and CA with her band, The Spark I believe it was in 2003 or 2004 that her band was voted Baltimore’s best punk band – or was it hardcore? Yikes I AM getting old! By week, she’s a government employee, but by nights and weekends, she’s a bass player in a punk band. How KEWL! Actually I’m jealous. I keep telling her if they ever need a drummer….. Riiigggghhhhtttt.
Then maybe, just maybe, if I’m a very good girl and get all my paperwork and visits done, I can finish that sweater!
We’ll see!
A few calls and then off to church (I need all the Help I can get!)

Candlelight Vigil in Support of Cindy Sheehan

View to my left – Catonsville Public Library. Vigil in support of Cindy Sheehan and against the war in Iraq – 1 block away from where the Catonsville 9 burned their draft cards about 30+ years ago:) We were encouraged by the support coming from people in traffic going by. I was also struck by the very wide variety of people – all different races, ages, “types”, if you will. Posted by Picasa

More folks on my right at the vigil. One nice lady lent me a candle. Another gave me another candle. I was between client visits and snuck over to attend. A woman from the “Women in Black” explained what they were about when I asked her. (My friends and I had seen a bunch of the WIBs in Middlebury, VT June 25th right in the middle of town. We passed them from across the street, and as we did so, turned, faced them, and applauded. I think they appreciated it. So did the WiB I spoke with tonight:) Many many mothers with children, young and old were there tonight.

Mr. Mfume, former State Senator and leader of the NAACP, came to lend his support to tonight’s vigil. I told him I took his picture only for my online journal. He smiled and said, believe me, it’s OK:) He seemed like a decent, genuine sort of guy. He doesn’t know this, but he’s actually a “friend of a friend.” My lips are sealed;) Glad we had his support.

A woman to my right had brought her Shabbas candles to the vigil. Very appropriate, we both thought:)

And this little light of mine – the second one given to me by another attender. I passed it to a boy who was there with his mother before I left for my next client visit.

Watched the media coverage that evening at 11. Saw my high school friend, Lynne on the news at the Ruxton gathering. The support we got from so many driving by was very encouraging! Maybe POTUS will have to pay attention now.

Welcome Mat

I couldn’t figure out what to name this blog. Thought I’d combine my interests in one word. Music, psychology, law and knitting. I am a lawyer who represents children. I love to sing, albeit sometimes rather pitifully; the human psyche has always fascinated me and I hope “someday” to return to school to become a psychologist. And I love to knit. In about another 5 minutes I will be running upstairs to shower and get to court. Two shelters today. One an infant the mother wants to give up for adoption; another a teenager whose mother has given her a black eye. And yet I love my work.
Above is one of the knitting projects I have been obsessing about for the last couple of months. Goal is to get them finished before October 1st. It could happen:)
Thursday, we start back to rehearsals for the Mozart Requiem. I love this stuff.
Today I am going to get going on visits and paperwork:). Owe the boss my expense sheet!