Gaps in my education? Hmmmm

I lifted this from LargeMarge’s blog. It was rather interesting. According to Marge, the Big Read figures the average adult has read only about 6 of the following 100 books. I am only going to bold those I’ve read all the way through. Some I’ve started (“Stately plump….”) You know the really sad thing? MostContinue reading “Gaps in my education? Hmmmm”

We interrupt our knitting for a world changing event:)

Because my own words are so trite and contrived at this time, and my emotions are high, I send you, dear readers, the words of a dear cyber friend, Colin, from across the pond: A New World?I awoke this morning, put on the TV, knowing that I would hearthat Mr Obama is President Obama.I foundContinue reading “We interrupt our knitting for a world changing event:)”

A break from the political to the realm of WTF???

I won’t identify the people in the above pictures, except to say it’s a gathering at one of my children’s places. I can’t identify where those little white globes came from, either. Except for one time in New York about 10 months ago (the picture of John and me having supper in New York City),Continue reading “A break from the political to the realm of WTF???”