And the beat goes on and on…:)

But in a good way:)! I am enjoying the knitting for this Honeybaby blanket.  I bought the pattern directly from Anne Hanson’s Knitspot website many moons ago when I was on hyper alert for all things lacey and pretty and before she became the yarn and design maven she is today. Sadly, I never reallyContinue reading “And the beat goes on and on…:)”

Summertime, Summertime sumsumSummertime!

To my fellow Murrikans, I wish you a Happy Independence Day weekend. Here on the mid-Atlantic seaboard, it is a beautiful day.  As I sit here typing, just before leaving out to visit a client who is placed way out in farthest reaches of Western Merlin, mapquest directions and GPS in hand (belt and suspenders!),Continue reading “Summertime, Summertime sumsumSummertime!”