I paid attention. I did. I really did!

Hey, knitting makes me concentrate all the harder on what I’m hearing. I even took notes. And I’m on vacation. Did I tell you I’m on vacation? Yeah alright. I’m also at a conference, but I’m learning a lot. John is climbing the walls, but I’m learning a lot. And almost done with the firstContinue reading “I paid attention. I did. I really did!”

On the Road to Atlantic City -…THERE

Hi! Am typing this from the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel here in Atlantic City – on lunch break from Beyond Finding Words a follow-up course to the Finding Words forensic interviewing training for people involved in the area of child protection. So far I’ve met a Florida prosecutor and a forensic interviewer from SouthContinue reading “On the Road to Atlantic City -…THERE”

I am #10212 on the list! Whoo Hoo!

When I went to that lookup thingie on ravelry.com this morning (and yes, I do check about twice a day, LOL!), this is what I learned about my current status in the “list.” You signed up on June 20, 2007You are #10212 on the list.972 people are ahead of you in line.16035 people are behindContinue reading “I am #10212 on the list! Whoo Hoo!”

It’s Wednesday and ahm Tarred…

It’s been a LONG couple of days, but I’ve been able to get a lot done and yet still have a lot to do. After hitting the sack at 3:30 am Tuesday morning (it felt like Monday night), I got up at 7:30 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY!!!), finished updating some things on the calendar, and gotContinue reading “It’s Wednesday and ahm Tarred…”