Noggin, Noggin, who’s got a Noggin?

Well, this morning has been one with the grandgirls, punctuated by blasts of potty training accidents, Noggin on TV and On Demand, (for which I thank GOD!!!), a Saturday Happy Meal (McDonalds) treat and general messiness ’round the house. Never mind I’ve got two visits and some serious cleaning to do later. I started the morning early; their Dad starts his workday at 8:30 and … Continue reading Noggin, Noggin, who’s got a Noggin?

Oh My MY

As I type this, I am sitting at my desk at the home office, my cellphone at my side, on speakerphone, in the midst of what is euphemistically referred to as a “Family Team Decisionmaking Meeting.” Oy. When one represents children, and one does not agree with the position of the local “department,” (because one’s clients can tell one what they want and my job … Continue reading Oh My MY

Well today was not a very eventful one. We had the grandgirls over for another day. And their “other Pop-pop” is apparently doing well enough to step down from ICU to a regular hospital bed (thanks for your prayers and thoughts!) which is excellent news! (So I suppose it’s been eventful after all, LOL:)! I spent the morning getting things in order for court tomorrow … Continue reading