Noggin, Noggin, who’s got a Noggin?

Well, this morning has been one with the grandgirls, punctuated by blasts of potty training accidents, Noggin on TV and On Demand, (for which I thank GOD!!!), a Saturday Happy Meal (McDonalds) treat and general messiness ’round the house. Never mind I’ve got two visits and some serious cleaning to do later. I started theContinue reading “Noggin, Noggin, who’s got a Noggin?”

Bob Breszny’s sort-of-horoscope (verrrry interesting): “In the days ahead, you may not realize what you’re looking for until you find it. I advise you, therefore, to put into action the following five-point plan. 1) Suppress any know-it-all tendencies you might have. 2) Revive your childhood talent for being voraciously curious about everything. 3) Ask moreContinue reading

Well, I did my thing as a citizen today with fellow chorister, Linda K-M. I twittered a little while ago something about seeing so many morons in one place, but I meant no disrespect to the people who were shouting those stupid things. (OK sorry, I’ll behave now – I’m sure there’s a person onContinue reading

Court, First Amendment and Toe-Up Socks

Hello dear readers – back again. Well, this morning I had court – a brief hearing during which the Judge (it was an exceptions hearing) ruled against me despite my best arguments. I hate when that happens – luckily the client was all right and will probably be all right. After that I came homeContinue reading “Court, First Amendment and Toe-Up Socks”