To Do List for Today

1)Call San Mar re: visits (if 5 PM – must leave by 4) 10:45-112)Take shower:) (or don’t do visits, LOL) 11-11:303)Prep for hearings tomorrow 11:30-124)EXPENSE report !!! 12-12:305)Prep for EFM Class- don’t forget decaf coffee:) 12:30-26)Call Thx: Amber L 27)Call Psychiatrist: Amber L 2:108)Arrange visit with Amber L 2:209)Go to office with pw from lastContinue reading “To Do List for Today”

Sheep and Wool Festival, sounds so disturbing….

Well, I finally went to my first Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Saw the folks from two of my favorite LYS’s. Saw the line virtually around the block at Tess’ yarns (that green silk yarn was a thing of beauty, but I didn’t get that – I got some other good stuff, though:) I missedContinue reading “Sheep and Wool Festival, sounds so disturbing….”