1. Dearest Joan,

    This is my first ever entry in a blog or blogisphere. You continually amaze me with your wide ranging interests and skills. This is a diary and it must be very cathartic. Love your photos especially of the Cathedral and St. John’s. What concert hall is shown fourth from the left????? The fifth one could be the Meyerhoff.

    Music has been, for me, love and my whole life, especially as a way to touch others and most especially children. I agree with you.

    Love, Diane

  2. Diane:)! I am honored to have your very first blog post here! Thank you for stopping by. This is very cathartic, although I have to be careful not to hurt or invade others’ privacy. I’m not sure which concert hall is depicted above. Perhaps someone will see this and let us know. I actually got this from my livejournal blog and do not know who did the photos – but it makes sense to me:)
    You certainly have cornered the market on getting through to children through music:)! Anyone who can do that is a genius in my eyes!
    Take care and thank you so much for posting! Would love to hear your comments any time – even if you don’t agree with me (and we know you don’t on everything, LOL!)

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