Hi – I’ve imported my blogger blog

and those in which I’m participating (to a certain extent) so, although it looks like I’ve done a lot of extra entries, it’s actually not the case. Most of the entries I’ve imported are done by others.  This was just a way of testing the waters and seeing if I could get all this “stuff”Continue reading “Hi – I’ve imported my blogger blog”

This is going to be a well documented sweater:)

LOL:) But man, I made a lot of progress last night! A few things: (1) I’m doing stripes to make my way through stash rather than buying a sh*tload of new yarn, (2) I’m slipping the first stitch of every row – because it’ll be easier to pick up stitches for the button band andContinue reading “This is going to be a well documented sweater:)”

I’m off to see the Wizard

Well, that’s what I usually say when I’m headed for court. No wonder I represent children, LOL! Since last we left each other, dear Reader (all 2 of you, LOL), I was headed for a shelter. What a mess yesterday was – had to get a colleague to cover the shelter and he was noneContinue reading “I’m off to see the Wizard”

Back in the saddle again:)

This pic is cross-posted from my blog. It illustrates the value of SWATCHING!!! Folks, when they say a size TWO needle for the Cables & Os pattern, they don’t mean a size SIX needle, LOL. (oops….) I’m a big girl but not a size 6X! After a night of sitting at my local knitting meetupContinue reading “Back in the saddle again:)”

Quick note before heading out

Good morning – well, I did a lot of knitting and crocheting last night but apparently didn’t notice the fact that the kitchen floor needed some attention. I hate when that happens. Anyway, got another two motifs done – 26 to go, LOL – and cast on again for the Cables and Os sweater forContinue reading “Quick note before heading out”

OK, Let’s see where I stand

Sorry for the boring post, LOL, but I have to check in on the to-dos…. they say you get endorphins from checking off a “to -do,” and since it’s been threatening to pour outside, I haven’t gotten the walking endorphins (but the wine endorphin doesn’t hurt, LOL:)) 1-UPDATE CALENDARs (e-mail Shelter Cal to MSK, SW,Continue reading “OK, Let’s see where I stand”