Hi – I’ve imported my blogger blog

and those in which I’m participating (to a certain extent) so, although it looks like I’ve done a lot of extra entries, it’s actually not the case. Most of the entries I’ve imported are done by others.  This was just a way of testing the waters and seeing if I could get all this “stuff” in one place.   For only my blog, see this link.  More to come as I move along.  I will continue to import the fuguestateknits stuff from blogspot, so no one misses anything:) Enjoy the rain this Saturday, those of you in my part of the country – we need it!



This is going to be a well documented sweater:)

LOL:) But man, I made a lot of progress last night! A few things: (1) I’m doing stripes to make my way through stash rather than buying a sh*tload of new yarn, (2) I’m slipping the first stitch of every row – because it’ll be easier to pick up stitches for the button band and it will look nicer on the side where we won’t have a button band (did not realize that part because it’s not in the picture and Karen F pointed that out to me yesterday (DOH!!!); and (3) whenever possible USE CIRCULAR NEEDLES (ahhhh that’s better:)).
New pics:
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More variations of pink on their way. It’s a fun pattern:) even if I have messed with its head….

PS – Stitch count is now down to 352 – gauge measurement was a bit off the other night/with straight needles. (when have i ever been straight?)

PPS – yarns are either linen (green) or cotton (pinks/neutral). Am hoping the linen part looks better after washing.

Have a nice day,

Joan a/k/a FSK

I’m off to see the Wizard

Well, that’s what I usually say when I’m headed for court. No wonder I represent children, LOL! Since last we left each other, dear Reader (all 2 of you, LOL), I was headed for a shelter. What a mess yesterday was – had to get a colleague to cover the shelter and he was none too pleased. It got held over and so of course bumped up into the deposition that I absolutely had to attend. A deposition is the taking of testimony outside of the courtroom. There is always a court reporter and in this case, a videographer. The reason for the deposition is that the witness is in her ninth month of pregnancy and will very possibly be in the midst of childbirth or just recovering when the trial date hits. She did very well.

After work, I got back and decided, even though it was a air-as-thick-as-pudding day, that I would go for a walk. I did. It was relatively brief, but it’s funny. I get kind of blue if I don’t get out and move – get the heart and lungs going. I felt so much better after I was done. Sometimes walking outside with nature is a great way to clear the lungs – and the mind.

When I got home, I showered, changed and went to my very first Knitting Meetup at our local Borders. It was fun and I got a lot of knitting on the Cables and Os sweater from No Sheep For You. I had to take a break from the shawl, but will get back to it today when I return from court. It will hopefully be a light day.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting It doesn’t appear to be much progress, but when you consider it’s 384 stitches and size 2 needles, it takes a while, LOL:)

I’m glad it’s a short day in court. I owe my family some serious cleaning time. Then I’m going to get in another walk in the early evening when it’s not so hot and sticky (provided we don’t have a thunderstorm, although we seriously need one!).

Well, I’m off to see the wizard…..+

Back in the saddle again:)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis pic is cross-posted from my blog. It illustrates the value of SWATCHING!!! Folks, when they say a size TWO needle for the Cables & Os pattern, they don’t mean a size SIX needle, LOL. (oops….) I’m a big girl but not a size 6X! After a night of sitting at my local knitting meetup (for the first time, BTW), I now have another inch added to the above cast-on twisted ribbing – and the interesting half of my first button hole (although they don’t tell you to do one in the instructions – but where is it written I have to be a good girl all the time?? Since pictures are better in daylight with my phone camera thingie, I’m waiting until morning to post more.

Quick note before heading out

Good morning – well, I did a lot of knitting and crocheting last night but apparently didn’t notice the fact that the kitchen floor needed some attention. I hate when that happens. Anyway, got another two motifs done – 26 to go, LOL –
and cast on again for the Cables and Os sweater for the NSFY KAL.

Finally you can see the colors on this – I think the light background helps somehow.

Well, this morning, I’m off to a shelter hearing. Clients of ours have a new baby sib. Then a deposition, then prep for tomorrow’s hearings then maybe some knitting and flute practice. But I must get at least one cleaning task done before the fun!
Back later,

quiet posting…

It’s quiet in the house. The sun has just set and I need to put on a few lights. Right now all I can see is the light from the computer screen and the last bits of sunlight as they peak through the leaves on the trees. Today, I got a bunch of paperwork and e-mailing done at the desk at home. I didn’t walk. I did go to Silver Spring to volunteer for a couple of hours at Equality Maryland and now I’m back home.

Sometimes I don’t know how to act when things are quiet. I think of all the things I should be doing but sometimes it’s just good to sit and be still. And, in the immortal words of Stewart Smalley as played by Al Franken, “that’s O..K..”

Last night the grandangels came and spent the night. Their folks came back late and slept downstairs. Poor John was so wonderful to them – he hardly got any sleep as Ruby – a bit overwrought from sipping mommy’s frappacino (!!!) and probably missing Mommy and Daddy -kept waking up. They left fairly early – their dogs needed feeding and being let out of course.
John is back to work for his first “double shift” of the week. Betsy is probably working. Sabrina and JoAnna are probably out doing something or other.

And I have the house to myself. So, I think I’ll make myself some dinner, turn on the old boob tube and continue working on the shawl. But I think I’ll also re-cast on for a sweater I’ve been working on and was beginning to be obviously HUGEr than life, LOL (swatch swatch swatch!!!). Tomorrow I’m going to do my usual getting ready for Thursday, attend a deposition and then maybe some stitch ‘n bitch (oops) activity in a nearby town if I’m lucky.

In the meantime, I think I’m just going to be still and know that She is God…..:)

OK, Let’s see where I stand

Sorry for the boring post, LOL, but I have to check in on the to-dos…. they say you get endorphins from checking off a “to -do,” and since it’s been threatening to pour outside, I haven’t gotten the walking endorphins (but the wine endorphin doesn’t hurt, LOL:))

1-UPDATE CALENDARs (e-mail Shelter Cal to MSK, SW, PP, CC, PBS and EGF) Done!
2-complete office paperwork and get files together to bring back along with filing for office Done!
3-head count for dinner Done!
4-grocery shopping for dinner Done!
5-clean downstairs bathroom
6-vacuum downstairs
7-Finish wash
8-motion to rescind for Br. S.
9-Check on B transcripts (do I have ’em all?)
10-other pleading responses
11-K.H. TPR responses mailed
12-Call Nancy C. re: visit with B.H.
13-Get bill from S-P and U MD for F to DW
14-Volunteer at D. Ct. Done!
15- Pick up notary commission at courthouse before or after volunteering with MCRC at D. Ct Done!
16- (New) Get music to the office for Charlene!

Well, I’ll be working… tomorrow!:)
Grandkids are here – time to play and knit/crochet:)

New To – Do List

Well, it’s Sunday – nice quiet Sunday, LOL:) Dori, Donald and the kids won’t be stopping by for Sunday dinner – she’s working tonight. But we’ll see them tomorrow when we’re watching the girls while they go out. Haven’t heard yet from Kristin. Danny is staying with us for awhile, but I’m not sure of his schedule. JoAnna and Betsy are working. So it looks like it may be only seven or eight of us for dinner at most – probably more like five or six.

Today is an absolutely beautiful afternoon. I will need to go out to go shopping, but don’t know if I’ll be able to squeeze a walk in. Bummer. We won’t be having such ice weather for much longer. Today is what we used to call a “beach day” when I was growing up on Long Island: clear, sunny, breezy and not too hot. Ahhhhhh…..
Church was an interesting juxtaposition between the old which is becoming new again and the new which is becoming old. This morning we welcomed a new associate rector – a young priest who (I realized as he gave his sermon) is the same age, give or take as our second oldest. Nancy played as she usually does and was of course terrific. Particularly stirring was the rendition of the psalm. When the choir sings, we have a cantor and the responsory part is in 4-parts (SATB). Today, Nancy sang tenor, Sally alto and Donna soprano and it was stunning! Sally and Donna also sang duets – one by Vivaldi and another more modern. The contemporary music group also sang and it frankly just wasn’t very good. Although Andy, the leader, has a lot of talent and a decent voice, his singers were nowhere near the ability of the three more “classical” soloists. Unfortunately when you put both together in the same service, it tends to show up the flaws in the less well done part. I’m not saying that folk music doesn’t have an amazing beauty all its own. Please don’t be hearing that from me. I just think that Nancy tends to attract very good people (and in my case, those who aren’t so good, but at least stay out of the way of the ones who are, LOL). This is because she is very good at what she does. I write about her a lot on my blog because she is a very dear friend and a lovely human being but also because she is the first truly genius level individual I’ve met in a long time who isn’t also terribly self-absorbed. What she has to say on a lot of topics I find extremely interesting, even if I don’t see things from her viewpoint. She’s truly a breath of fresh air in my life and I imagine the lives of quite a number of people. Having a friend like her makes one want to improve in one’s own life – not that I’ve been all that successful, LOL!
Anyway, I really think that what used to be considered “new” music is really going by the wayside. What was considered “old” is now being seen by fresh eyes and the relevance of sacred music is being re-appreciated, if you will. I saw a very vivid example of this in church this morning when Sally and Donna, accompanied by Nancy, were singing the Laudamus te from the Vivaldi Gloria. Children who normally go to the contemporary service were getting up from their seats and stepping back to look up into the choir loft to see who was singing. I saw that sense of curiosity, mixed with child-like joy in their faces. That’s what kids should be hearing at church services – the history and faith that came before and making it their own. Music serving God – not the other way ’round.
Back to the mundane – the shawl is moving along. I figure I’m going to need about 33 of the motifs (rows of 7 -6-7-6-7) since each is about 10 inches long and wide -and I also would like to finish the outside with some sort of simple edging – maybe just a couple of rows of single crochet. I’m done with four motifs. If I do an average of two a day, I should be ready to put it all together by mid July and have it done in time. Fingers crossed!
Well, my to-dos for today and tomorrow are as follows (talk about from the sacred to the profane!):
1-UPDATE CALENDARs (e-mail Shelter Cal to MSK, SW, PP, CC, PBS and EGF)
2-complete office paperwork and get files together to bring back along with filing for office
3-head count for dinner
4-grocery shopping for dinner
5-clean downstairs bathroom
6-vacuum downstairs
7-Finish wash
8-motion to rescind for Br. S.
9-Check on B transcripts (do I have ’em all?)
10-other pleading responses
11-K.H. TPR responses mailed
12-Call Nancy C. re: visit with B.H.
13-Get bill from S-P and U MD for F to DW
14-Volunteer at D. Ct.
15- Pick up notary commission at courthouse before or after volunteering with MCRC at D. Ct
Not bad for a couple of days. Of course when I get to the office tomorrow, a LOT more will be waiting for me, LOL!
But I can dream that my life is some sort of manageable mess, can’t I? At least for today….

I am so FICKLE!!

Now I know why Stephanie Pearl-McPhee calls herself the Yarn Harlot. I am the knitting Whore! Cannot stay with one project at a time. I think perhaps a kinder – and more accurate – way to describe my crafting mania might be PADD – or Project Attention Deficit Disorder. I can be deep into a project and get so distracted by the next cute thing that comes along. One can really really relate to Vickie Howell’s response to Jenna Adorno’s statement on one of the episodes of Knitty Gritty about being monogamous and sticking with one project at a time until it’s finished. Vickie’s response was something in the nature of “I don’t even speak your language.” Ah how true!
Remember that blue shawl I was going to make? The teal version is sitting on a stitch holder because the color wasn’t quite right. That one? Then I re-started it in a lighter blue yarn I have in my stash (see my last blog entry). Yeah well, I saw a beautiful lacy scarf made by crocheting hexagonal motifs together and I was hooked (no pun intended). I’ve already done two motifs am on the third and I think I’m going to do the shawl this way. Oh Lord, is there no hope for me? One good thing: I am pretty sure I have enough yarn already and it is going a lot faster once I get into the rhythm of the motifs – only 7 rounds apiece.
OK, technically it’s not knitting but it’s lacy and it’s pretty and it’s fiber arts. What can I tell you? And it could kinda sorta qualify for a NSFY (No Sheep for You) project except that the pattern comes from MaryJane’s Stitching Room by MaryJane Butters, a “farm girl” from Utah with a limitless supply of talent and crafting skills, linking us to those generations who came before. She also happens to be my age, LOL.
Here’s where I stand currently – and again, the blue is just not showing well on this camera – sorry! But that’s a lot of lacy beginnings for one evening’s work, even with all the stopping and starting at the beginning of any project. I figure if I can keep this up, by the end of July I’ll be done. God willing…
OK, I’m off to do my Saturday errands and then get my dear hubby up with a cup o’Joe so he can start his all -too-long workday!
Until later….