More from Denver, Our own Gay Rights debate and finished socks for K

Wow – history being made this week, n’est-ce pas? For the first time in U.S. history (and it’s about DAMN time IMHO), an African American is being nominated as the Democratic party (hell – any party’s) nominee for President. I had one little hearing this afternoon and could not help but mention something to theContinue reading “More from Denver, Our own Gay Rights debate and finished socks for K”

A view from Denver, new yarn, and a new orchestra

My brother, Rob, is an attorney. Unlike me, he’s a name partner in a Denver, CO lawfirm that specializes in medical malpractice defense. Like me, he’s a democrat. He and my other brother, Dave, who works for a financial firm doing things I’d have to take a course to figure out, both live in theContinue reading “A view from Denver, new yarn, and a new orchestra”

Caution – this post is not for children!

Isn’t this yarn lovely? It’s downright gorgeous! But oh, what an unfortunate name – it’s called Fannie’s Fingering [yarn] and is advertising it. I’m sorry. I’m bad, I know. Very bad. Wish I had this yarn – it would make something beautiful, no doubt. I hope I am increasing (however minutely) PurlSoho’s sales. ButContinue reading “Caution – this post is not for children!”

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood

and doesn’t that chair look inviting? But it’s WEDNESDAY and that means getting ready for tomorrow and Friday’s fun and frolic in the CINA court system. I’m not complaining, though – I really am glad to be employed. This morning’s hearing was a bit of a pain because we had to wait through a veryContinue reading “It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood”

Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary

Or at least I think it’s been about four years since I started this process a while back at live journal where I was musikmysterium – and then on to Blogger and duplicated at wordpress. In fact, I think the wordpress blog has all the entries from this blog that were deleted (except one orContinue reading “Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary”

Old News, but we need to listen. Are you listening?

Got this from Brenda Dayne’s blog – Brenda Dayne of Cast-on podcast fame. The remarks are apparently being made by one Sally Kern, an Oklahoma state representative. Can you imagine what it must be like for gay teens in that state? Frightening thought. No wonder so many gay kids try to kill themselves! If anyContinue reading “Old News, but we need to listen. Are you listening?”

Well, I guess that first post wasn’t meant to be.

I was writing about my day, visiting three teenage clients who really needed some time and attention from me, two of which were 2/3 of a triplet trio all living for the time being in different placements. How I got an earful about foster homes and wondered how to really really listen to kids toContinue reading “Well, I guess that first post wasn’t meant to be.”