More from Denver, Our own Gay Rights debate and finished socks for K

Wow – history being made this week, n’est-ce pas? For the first time in U.S. history (and it’s about DAMN time IMHO), an African American is being nominated as the Democratic party (hell – any party’s) nominee for President. I had one little hearing this afternoon and could not help but mention something to the DSS attorney who also happens to be African American. We talked about the high emotions last night and being close to tears that this was [finally] happening. I told her I had an [internal, non-psychotic, LOL] vision of this man with his hand on the Bible, taking the oath of office from a member of the Supreme Court and the thought that this might actually happen in my lifetime was overwhelming. Heck, it surpasses the day I was driving in my car in 1978 when the phrase “habemus Papem” hit the airwaves shortly followed by the words “Karol Woytila.” Only this time I think Mr. O might get a few more things done that I agree with, LOL. And now as I sit here typing this, I am waiting to hear that man with the non-Waspish name speak. With a little disappointment, I realize that Hilary Clinton will not be on the ticket and that saddens me a great deal, although I was proud that she was my first choice when she threw her support behind Obama at the convention last night in the spirit of unity. For it is unity that we need if real substantial change will happen. For the first time in a long time, I have a little hope. A little.
Here’s the latest from our family’s roving reporter, that denizen of Denver, Robearskin himself (I have to warn you that unlike Rob, I was 14 when Dr. King was shot and later Robert Kennedy and the speech by Edward Kennedy was the most moving thing I think I have seen in my life outside of my family or friends of course:)) Well, heeeere’s Rob:
Greetings from The 5280: I ate lunch at my desk today, Thursday, the last day of the DNC. I then ventured outside to witness the teeming masses of people who are walking down the 16th Street Mall toward Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium. His Nominatedness referred to it as “Mile High” Stadium at the convention last night. I think Invesco was probably annoyed.
There definitely is a buzz in the air downtown. I half expect The Nominated One to walk down the Platte River to the stadium. I must admit to getting a little choked up thinking about when I was 7 and Dr. King was shot. (It seemed like the next day Bobby Kennedy was shot.) Now a black man has a darn good shot at becoming President. Corny, I know, but pretty cool. Come on, you can admit it. It’s cool. My favorite t-shirt of the day was a picture of a donkey from behind with the slogan, “Get Some” above the donkey. I “got” that joke pretty quickly. My least favorite t-shirts and signs said, “Kill the People. Save the Earth.” I wonder if that group is against war? I saw some fairly dirty young hippies carrying signs saying that their voices could not be squashed by a cage. Good for them. I think. The Cage is the name the protestors near the Pepsi Center call the area they are allowed to protest in. It is surrounded by a chain link fence. There are some very angry people around these parts. One woman was screaming at another woman with a “Jesus Saves” poster. Why she was mad about a “Jesus Saves” poster, I’m not sure. She was yelling so loudly I couldn’t understand a word she said. It was something about 20 million black people…., and “He ain’t saved sh_t.” Worse, some guy yelled at a young woman with a similar sign and a cast on her foot. She was in a wheelchair. The man yelled, “Hey, if Jesus is so great why can’t he get you up out of that wheelchair?” Nice. She replied in rather nice terms that he can yell mean things at her all he wants, but Jesus still loves him. I kind of like the turn the other cheek thing. Speaking of cheeks, yesterday, a bunch of elderly women in small red, white and blue hot pants were standing on the corner near our office. They called themselves “The Missile Dicks”. They said they were from Crawford, Texas and they don’t like war. They all had a strap-on, large missile sticking out of the fronts of their hot pants. I noticed they wore lots of makeup. I’m confused. Today, someone handed me a “Clean Coal” button. A woman with a large “Coal is NOT Clean” sign was yelling at them. She was yelling that coal is not clean. I don’t know. Coal looks pretty dirty to me. My paralegal’s mother, whom I have never met, left me an Obama ’08 button on my desk yesterday while I was at a seminar across town. I like it. It is not as exciting as some of the other buttons, but I like the direct approach. I just can’t bring myself to wear it on my work dress shirt. I don’t like holes in my dress shirts. An elderly woman dressed in all pink from gave me a pink, “Make Out, Not War” sticker. That sounds familiar. The sticker has pink lip prints on it. I think their group doesn’t like war, although I can’t be too sure because I don’t believe I will have the time to visit their website. I also received a leaflet from some people with “Stop Bird Porn” signs. At first, I thought they were kidding. I’m really not sure. They seemed genuinely upset. Their leaflet was in English on the front, and Russian on the back. They seemed to be yelling that people are disturbing birds in their natural habitats, at least that’s what they were yelling. Because I own some bird feeders and a few bird books, I was quite concerned. Their leaflet states:
BIRD WATCHERS ARE VOYEURS! According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 48 million people watch birds. A private research group, the Good Conduct Society, has discovered Bird Watchers are sexually more active than others. The elderly find that Bird Watching is not strenuous. And this erotic experience can be enjoyed privately through binoculars. “Most disturbing,” said the Society’s director, Anaida Krok, “are the groups of Bird Watchers seeking vicarious sexual gratification in the woods. Shamelessly, they blatantly observe God’s Defenseless creatures mating.” LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE!
I’m wondering if the Society Director’s name is a clue? I hope it is. Otherwise, I’m going to have to start feeling guilty, even if I am only one out of 48 million perverts. Lisa was chuckling a little last night, pointing out how “podunk” our cow town must look. We have news people just walking around looking for “celebrities”. Every time one is seen, a big deal seems to be made out of it. James Taylor is in the Magnolia Hotel across the street from my office. I hear His Bruceness, Mr. Springsteen is around. Now, that’s cool. An associate in my office named Molly Emmetsberger saw Tom Brokaw just walking down the street in sweats, and no one was recognizing him. This is the second time I heard he was walking down the street and no one noticed him. I thought he was famous. Mark Twain once said, “Every great personage must be shadowed by a parasite who is infinitely little.”
I think that’s TMZ’s slogan now. In true American spirit, people are currently charging $60 to park in their driveways on Federal Boulevard, which is near the stadium. A couple of people in my office began walking over to the stadium a couple of hours ago. Word is that it is taking three hours to get inside the stadium with the security, which is apparently much like airport security, except about 80,000 people are trying to get through in a short period of time. Our office is closing down in a few minutest at 4:00 p.m., because they are closing one of the two Interstate Highways, I-25, in both directions in an hour. I will head east to pick up my wife when she gets out at 5. We will watch The Nominee tonight, and gird ourselves for a weekend with five kids! I hope you are all well. -Rob
Thanks, Rob! Hope you and yours are well and safe! Love you! (whoo – and I thought Baltimore and New York were strange places!)
My family of origin and I are basically of a liberal/leftist bent. We all didn’t begin that way, nor did I always stay that way. For about 12 years, I voted Republican and stuck with the conservative side of things because I foolishly believed that, well, never mind it’s a long story. But conversations and debates and thinking about things and yes, law school changed my thinking over a LONG period of time. John and I do not agree on many issues, and that is frustrating to both of us, despite the fact that we, unlike the political parties in our country, do not demonize each other – thank goodness.
One example of this is the debate we had the other night about the whole gay marriage “thing.” John is of the opinion that the voters of California will vote it down. I am of the opinion that civil rights are NOT something that one votes on – they are God-given and inalienable (that means what God has given, humans cannot divest even by vote). We went back and forth for a while on it, with one of our daughters joining in the debate (agreeing with me).
You see, one of our five daughters is gay. Which one is nobody’s business but hers, so I will not name her, but at the end of the arguing – and it was really civil arguing unlike many of our arguments have been in the past – I told John that I knew him better than his hard-assed stance. I knew that if that daughter told us she was getting married or having a commitment ceremony, that he would be there, packing the Grey Goose (and coffee!) into the coolers, aranging for the bus for out of town family, paying for the photographer and reveling in this daughter’s happiness as much as for our eldest’s. And he couldn’t argue with that. Love always wins out and I don’t know a man who loves his kids more than John.
And that, too, gives me hope for us and for all the rest of us. Someday, we will get sick of demonizing the “other” side and sit down and listen. There will always be renegade sickos among us, playing out the abuse and pain of their own upbringing. The rest of us have the job of keeping them in check. And loving each other.
So I will keep my mouth shut during the Reep’s convention and pay attention to what their fears – and their hopes – are. Who knows, maybe if we actually listen to each other, we may come up with a solution. Hey, it could happen….
As for knitting, I’ve been doing a lot. I’ve added two new projects to my list, began them and then set them aside until I’m done with some more. And I have finished one – a pair of socks that I began around this time last year. I finally finished the second sock today. Kristin and Sonny happened to come over this evening after getting new phones (theirs had not been working at all, so they took the plunge). Kristin had just had orientation for grad school today, and is looking forward to class starting. Anyway, I finished that second sock while they were here. Last year when I was starting this pair, I had just finished a bright blue/green pair, but it wasn’t her cup ‘o tea. Kris said she thought these might be more for her (she was just being polite, believe me.) So I asked her to try them on and they fit her PERFECTLY. However, they are a little thicker than she’s used to and a little higher around the ankles, but when the weather is warmer, I think she’ll be glad to have them.
Well, Mr. O is talking right now, and I’m going to listen. Gotta start somewhere!
Peace out, bro!

A view from Denver, new yarn, and a new orchestra

My brother, Rob, is an attorney. Unlike me, he’s a name partner in a Denver, CO lawfirm that specializes in medical malpractice defense. Like me, he’s a democrat. He and my other brother, Dave, who works for a financial firm doing things I’d have to take a course to figure out, both live in the Denver, CO area. Rob sent the out of town family his pre-Convention observations from his neck of the woods:
Greetings from our dusty old cow town. 100 years ago, we hosted another DNC. The black caucus asked William Jennings Bryan if perhaps, just maybe, there could be something in the party platform denouncing lynching. The Democratic party said no. (Bryan was afraid of losing the southern vote.) Thursday, they will nominate Obama. I guess we’ve made a little progress over the last century. Downtown Denver is actually kind of fun during the DNC so far. I returned from court 25 miles north of Denver this morning to find tons of Democrats walking up and down the 16th Street Mall. There are also tons of cops everywhere, some dressed in rather thick S.W.A.T. gear. The S.W.A.T. teams move quickly, usually draped over the outside of trucks. I like them, although I’m not dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. One of my associates, a 26- year-old Persian who grew up in Germany, swore he would not come downtown, but he was in the office on Sunday, yesterday. On his way to our garage two blocks away, a group of protesters got surrounded by police at both ends of the block. One end of the street had police on horses. The other end of the street, had S.W.A.T. teams. The protesters did not like those odds. They got spooked and ran into our garage. Unfortunately, some of them began throwing plastic bottles at the police, from the upper floors. I think perhaps they were protesting against bottled water? Poor guy was stuck on the sidewalk for a long time, as the police were not allowing anyone in or out. The protestors were quite numerous, but they did not have a permit to block off our street. The police reminded them of this, and except for one young yahoo with a broken proboscis, they eventually agreed to vacate our garage. I am glad they are no longer in our garage. He has a lot of good pictures of the skirmish on his I-Phone. One is of a young, thin, blonde, female protestor. She looked dangerous. He must be saving her picture just in case the police need it. Today, I got within five feet of Joe Biden on the 16th Street Mall. This happened quite by accident. A crowd of people surrounded him as he walked across the street, and the secret service looked rather nervous. Actually, they looked extremely nervous. Biden looked tan, fit, and a little short. The crowd was decidedly pro-Biden, of course. I would not feel comfortable being a candidate. Even with all of that protection, and a bunch of friendly people around him, Biden looked so vulnerable out in the open. If I could accidentally get within five feet of him can’t some nut do the same? I mean, if I had leaned forward, and stretched my arm out, I could have touched him. I probably would be dead, but still. The marquee on the strip club down the street from us says, “Prettiest Democrats are Inside Here. Who Ever Heard of a Fine Piece of Elephant?” Cute. My favorite shirt so far said, “Die, Hippy, Die”. Not quite as cute. We’ve been getting protestors marching up our street, mostly protesting the war. As I typed this we had an anti-war march and an anti-torture march. Two points of view I can certainly get behind. The S.W.A.T. teams are right there with them. Did I mention how quickly they seem to move? Overall, the commute was not bad, even with the closed streets. Of course, I have not tried to go home yet today. Dave’s office and Lisa’s office are both in Cherry Creek. Other than the closing of Speer Boulevard, I don’t believe they will see much action where they are. I’m kind of surprised I’ve seen so much already around these parts. Although the Convention Center is a block away from my garage, I’ve heard most of the action will be quite a few blocks away at the Pepsi Center. Tomorrow I have two depositions. My depositions will be in Pueblo. Pueblo is 125 miles south of Denver. It should be considerably quieter. Our building security guard, Connie, has to ask each of us for our I.D. when we come in this week. We have one or two extra guards and can only get in one entrance. It’s kind of funny, as Connie rolls her eyes, and says, “Hello, Mr. Ingram, can I see your driver’s license?” The weather is supposed to be warm and clear on Thursday night for Obama’s speech at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium. -Rob

Thanks, Robearskin (I’ve explained that one to my close friends, but I think I’ll spare him here.) PS – I had to look up proboscis – apparently a humorous reference to an elongated human nose. (Did I tell you he does medmal defense work??)

If Rob sends us any more-behind-the-scenes narratives, I will post them here on the blog.
On the knitting front, I got a lot of knitting done this weekend, but nothing photo-worthy, except maybe a couple of balls of yarn I got from one of my favorite LYSs because there’s a story behind this little bit of yarn porn:
I (ahem) occasionally do a little bit of websurfing, especially to those places linking from this blog, where I can see what other knitters are doing ’round the globe. The Yarn Harlot is of course one of them. She’s the one who got me all hooked on knitting socks and putting beautiful superwash wool on my stinky old lady feet. Well, she had a sock on her blog with this amazing Trekking yarn (No. 108). I decided to see if I could find something similar locally, so I moseyed on over to a couple of places after court today to see if I could find just a couple of small balls (nothing expensive, please) and I found this Jojoland Melody at the Celtic Knot Yarn Shop . OK, so no big deal there, right? Except that most yarn shops are closed on Mondays – at least they are here. And a bunch of women were sitting inside, knitting. Again, the only thing unusual about that is it’s a Monday. But this particular Monday was a little different. This week marks the first week of school in our area. Some schools started today, some start tomorrow. Normally no big deal and one is not looking for knitting items when one is bundling one’s children off to school for the first day. So why was this shop open?
I recognized some of the women in the shop. One known on her blog and elsewhere as “Large Marge” (and whose name belies her size!) and others, one of whom I knew had lost her precious daughter this summer to a rotten form of cancer (is there a good one?). These beautiful human beings had decided to open the store and hold a special sit ‘n knit for their friend to help her throught the first day of school. I told her I was sorry for her loss and thought she must have been a terrific kid. I hope they told stories all day about her and celebrated her life.
Boy, did that put a lot of things in perspective.
So, when I knit these lovely socks (I’m using a version of Eunny Jang’s Bayerische socks pattern, except it’s toe-up), I will think about this beautiful child who died all too soon and I will hold my own that much closer in my heart.
On a happy note, Nancy and Rennie are back. We had a meeting between the early and late services at St. John’s and talked about marketing the brand spankin’ new St. John’s Orchestra – the first professional chamber group in our county! Exciting stuff – and more about this to come:) After the next service, Nancy and I had lunch and talked about what to do next for this wonderful project. It was just so great to catch up:):):) The Howard County Arts Council informed Ron, the concertmaster, that the Orchestra had received a grant. How much that will be we won’t know until September 5th.
So, if any of you are interested in donating to this worthy cause, send your checks, with a notation on the memo line that it is for the St. John’s Orchestra, to
Friends of Music
c/o St. Johns Episcopal Church
9120 Frederick Road
Ellicott City, Maryland 21042
Please note, the orchestra, though affiliated with the church in that it’s in residence there, is not the church. Supporting the orchestra is NOT supporting the church.
Today I finally walked again – but this time with John while he took Dan and Casie’s dog, Bowie (yes after the rock star) for a walk.
Have a lovely evening everyone:)!

Caution – this post is not for children!

Isn’t this yarn lovely? It’s downright gorgeous! But oh, what an unfortunate name – it’s called Fannie’s Fingering [yarn] and is advertising it. I’m sorry. I’m bad, I know. Very bad. Wish I had this yarn – it would make something beautiful, no doubt. I hope I am increasing (however minutely) PurlSoho’s sales. But the name, people, the name…. OY!
I suppose my silliness is a result of not having done any serious knitting in the last TWO days. That must be it, yeah, Ok, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Today was fairly quiet. My colleague covered the three hearings I have today and I’m covering one, maybe two additional hearings for my colleagues tomorrow. SO you’d think I’d get some serious knitting in, wouldn’t you? Well, I intend to, but it’s almost 4 PM and I am employed, you know, so I spent this morning meeting with a sweetheart of a client whose case closed today -it was six months earlier than I would have liked it to close (she turns 21 in February), but it really seems like it’s the right choice for her. We had coffee at one of the food eatery places in Towson and chatted about where she would like her life to go. She seems to really have her head screwed on straight. Getting to know kids like her and seeing them mature into real people is one of the serious blessings of my job. I told her I want an invitation to her college graduation and I meant it. Keep her in your prayers, folks. Unlike your kids and mine, she really doesn’t have parents she can fall back on, so it’s all on her. Of course, she can call me any time, but there’s only so much this old lady can do. Keep your fingers crossed – she’s a great kid. Excuse me, she’s a great young lady.
Well, I need to get some paperwork done for filing tomorrow. But have no fear, knitting shall follow!
We’re heading toward that last week of August. School starts in this area next week – for kids and grandkids in this family. John is off until Tuesday and court is fairly light for the next few weeks. So I’ll have numerous opportunities to catch up on my files, organizing information and work areas, and catching up on visits. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll need to make decisions about what activities to remain/become involved in with regard to church and professional organizations. When September hits, I will hopefully be able to hit the ground running.
I am looking forward to Nancy and Rennie’s return from the beach, Diane’s return from her sister’s home, the return of bell practice, choir practice, knitting for the holidays and friends and the return of cool weather.
In the meantime, I plan to relish every minute of what is becoming a time of serious reflection – (yeah right – see above!).

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood

and doesn’t that chair look inviting? But it’s WEDNESDAY and that means getting ready for tomorrow and Friday’s fun and frolic in the CINA court system. I’m not complaining, though – I really am glad to be employed.
This morning’s hearing was a bit of a pain because we had to wait through a very busy morning docket, but again, that’s ok – gave us the DSS attorney time to attempt a settlement. No go, of course, but always good to try. We’re coming back again for another hearing in about 2 months. I’ve been able to schedule one of the three visits I need to do; luckily they are young adults and I can meet with them later in the day and/or discuss their respective cases over the phone and/or meet up with them for lunch or breakfast to check in with them, so the intense frustration I feel when I can’t get ahold of a caregiver for a young child is somewhat abated, LOL!
On the knitting front, I’m plugging away at Colin’s sock pattern in hopes of finishing that pair today or tomorrow, then I’m going to get caught up on the SOTS-III and the Chinese Lace pullover.
But for now, it’s back to work and then Sip ‘n Knit tonight with my knitbuddies!
Such a life:)

Late night ramblings

It’s been a little while since I last posted, so I thought I’d catch up since Saturday. Not a whole heck of a lot of stuff has happened in the last two days. In fact, Saturday night really became Sunday morning at which time (7 a.m. EDT) I toddled up to bed – and slept for about 4 hours, thus missing church for the second Sunday in a row. Got a lot of knitting done, though, LOL. In fact, I set aside the SOTS-III for just a couple of days to work on some other projects, one of which is a project I’m supposed to finish for the Ravelympics and is supposed to be a gift for S. And I’d like to finish up the Chinese Lace Pullover sleeves and finishing before the end of September. And I’ve joined the Mystery Stole 4 KAL (hmm, wonder what all my women friends are getting for Christmas this year???) But there is one light at the end of this yarn tunnel:
On Saturday, I went online to Ravelry – a great place to meet other knitters and other (often free and very good) patterns – and I looked at my “notebook” (collection of all my fiber-related info). Often when I look at the number of projects I have, I get disheartened by the “51” that appears in that slot. But on Saturday night, a lightbulb went on. That “51” includes my finished projects as well as my WIPs (works in progress)! So my collection of projects are no longer a silent rebuke to me of my obsession and wasteful spending, but also a reminder of some of the things (more for others than for myself — although it is a photo finish on that one) that I’ve actually finished, completed, am DONE with! So I really only have 49 1/2 projects left to finish – just kidding – more like 24 or 25, which is tolerable, although not the best.
If you’re a knitter, you know what it is that drives us to do something so ridiculous as staying up all night to knit a sock. I didn’t bother trying to explain it to my family – which is – save myself – populated by normal and fairly sane people. What can I say – I just had to turn that heel! Well, the first sock is done and I promptly cast on for the second and am now halfway through the cuff ribbing. Colin’s Bavarian Sock pattern if fairly simple to memorize and I’m having fun with it and of course adding my own errors, er … amendments to the pattern, mostly having to do with having feet that swell on a regular basis.
Also pictured here is a scarf in various weaving patterns, knitted along the length, crowding stitiches onto a circular needle. It shouldn’t take too long to finish that. Finally there’s the lace scarf in various neutral colors. All of these (except the socks – I’m going to selfishly keep those) are gifts, I think:). It’s a lot of fun to knit a weaving type of stitch with this variegated yarn – it gives the effect of a tweedy woven piece and it’s a lot of fun.
Sunday was a fun dinner for B’s birthday which really happened on Thursday. She found out she’s being transfered to a more challenging store and she’s tackling that task with some trepidation – and I have no doubt she’ll do it well!
Today was a typical Monday, except that I had court for both a.m. and p.m. dockets – and none of the hearings were particularly difficult. In between, I went to the office and dropped off paperwork to avoid the rush tomorrow.
Tomorrow the grandgirls are coming for the day and John and I are splitting the morning and the afternoon between us, with a little help from one of our adult daughters who works until 2. It’ll be good to spend time with them. Plus, some of the day, I can work at home making and returning phone calls once my a.m./noon meeting is concluded.
Next week, the grandgirls start before/after school care and daycare. I think I have more anxiety about that than their mother does! Letting go is not easy!
Lately, I’ve been staying up all sorts of hours. I don’t know why. It’s not as if I don’t know when I’m tired, LOL! I think it’s that childish desire not to “miss” anything. It’s also late at night when I can do things like sit and knit without feeling like a lazy bum (I do that during the days when I’m off work, but then I feel like a lazy bum, LOL).
I have not been walking for two reasons: one, work has been really busy and I want to keep ahead of things and two, I’ve been exhausted (see above paragraph), and three (wait I said two)…never mind:)
School is started at various times across the great state of Merlin. Locally, it starts next Monday. The week after, choir and bell choir start up and I cannot wait. In the meantime, I’ve been spending more time with John, at home whenever I can. Soon, life will get busy again and I will be running, let alone walking!
Well, I’d better get some sleep.
Good night and peace+

Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary

Or at least I think it’s been about four years since I started this process a while back at live journal where I was musikmysterium – and then on to Blogger and duplicated at wordpress. In fact, I think the wordpress blog has all the entries from this blog that were deleted (except one or two I had intended to delete anyway), and the livejournal blog, in addition to the few entries when I was solely posting on WordPress, so if you want to see my sordid past from August of ’04 to the present (rah!), that’s the place to go. But if you do go there, you know that means you have no life!
I have been toying with the idea of boring a larger audience with a podcast. I’ve gotten the recording software from and taken the first steps, but I’m going to have to plan things out before I put my voice out there. We shall see… who knows?
I wanted to write a little update to that post (during what I refer to as the interregnum between blogs) at wordpress, in which I described a dream I was having. I’d like to give you (or actually record it for me) an interpretation of that dream – not exactly Freudian, but I believe possibly valid – again…who knows?
I think the “elderly” woman in the dream was really a younger woman in disguise – hence the twinkle in her eyes when she calls herself a “grandmother.” I think she really represents my mother and let me tell you why. One of my younger brothers once described a dream he had when he was about 5 years old in which a lady floated up from the ground and came to him. She was fun, playful and full of joy. They spent some time together and had a lot of fun. Then it was time for her to go. He asked if he could go with her. Her response was laughter, and something like “oh nooooo – not for a long long time!” And off she went. His description of her was very similar to the way our mom looked shortly before she died. She was very young – only 27 – and had frosted her hair with a lot of blond, though she was a brunette – but hey, it was 1962 and it was the cool thing to do as it is now.
I used to joke about that dream with him, saying, I wonder why I never got any cool visits like that (boy, isn’t that a typical sibling thing, LOL?). Well, here it is, 42 years later and I get a visit, LOL! I think the bearded man in the picture (whom I only saw from the side and whom she seemed to regard with affection) was my Dad – not there yet – he’s still alive and yes, he has a beard.
Now here’s the thing: Does this mean I believe in visits from the beyond? I don’t know. It could be that my subconscious was delivering to me the desire of my heart. Sure I’d like to know that’s what it meant, but I’ll have to settle for some happy thoughts, hope and faith for now. Someday I’ll either know for sure or it won’t matter. My gut tells me there was something real about it all. But there are some who would send me off for a psych eval on the basis of what I’ve written here. Of course, there are FAR more plausible reasons than this blog post to do that in my case:)
In the meantime, we have received our first clue/hint (first 61 rows or so) for the Secret of the Stole – III. Here are pics- suspiciously like the swatch, LOL! I’m about to start row 39. I think.

Well, tomorrow I hope to make it to church (have been extremely lazy – also hoping to get to a service at the National Cathedral to see what it’s like, but it depends…). I have to see at least three clients and we are having a dinner celebration for B’s birthday tomorrow evening, so it will be a full day:)
Good night+

Old News, but we need to listen. Are you listening?

Got this from Brenda Dayne’s blog – Brenda Dayne of Cast-on podcast fame. The remarks are apparently being made by one Sally Kern, an Oklahoma state representative. Can you imagine what it must be like for gay teens in that state? Frightening thought. No wonder so many gay kids try to kill themselves! If any gay teen is reading this, please know that this old lady thinks you’re fine just the way you are!!! So there you gaybashers out there!! The organization that created this mini-video should be commended for countering such ignorance.+