I recently read that Michelangelo had his frustrations in learning to employ the fresco medium when he created his masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel.  Creativity has its times of frustration. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve tried creating what I thought would be a gorgeous, complex, interplay of lace and simple patterns only to find out that the only accurate descriptor was “complex.” … Continue reading Refashioning…?

Finally:)! A Finished Object and Gaining Ground!

 John, the DH, is finally the (sort of) proud owner of the finished Dryad. Finally done with something.  I’ve been knitting this thing on and off since 2011 or 2012, LOL! It’s nowhere near as long as I would have liked to have made it, but I was starting to run out of yarn and John doesn’t tie his scarves anyway – he simply crosses … Continue reading Finally:)! A Finished Object and Gaining Ground!