A Whole Lotta Treading Water Going On…

As far as the knitting goes, that is;)! That Ashby shawl continued to come in handy last week as we dealt with record snowfalls.  Have made a wee bit of progress on the Dryad for John, and, because we had a bunch of snow days off from work around here, decided to cast on twoContinue reading “A Whole Lotta Treading Water Going On…”

Interrupting this program to bring you…

Am working from home today.  The rest of the family are working and I have this lovely bit of quiet to get paperwork, scheduling and other organizational tasks completed.  One of the things I was doing was of course reading emails, updating calendars and the like. But a post from Mason-Dixon Knitting drew me up shortContinue reading “Interrupting this program to bring you…”

From the Sublime to the… Incredibly Interesting!

Starting with the very interesting… Today was a very full and remarkable day – at least it seemed so from the vantage of my relatively small and unremarkable life. I started it as many second Sundays of the month – playing bells and other assorted instruments, including my voice, in church. Come to think ofContinue reading “From the Sublime to the… Incredibly Interesting!”

ANNOUNCEMENT! (See below) and Finally Finished my Christmas Knitting.

And yes they were all finished January 3rd. Never you mind. They all fit -and came in handy for the cold weather when it finally did arrive! And anyway, what self-respecting kid wants a sweater for Christmas?  Not that they didn’t genuinely seem to like them. Many thanks to my two youngest grandangels for modelingContinue reading “ANNOUNCEMENT! (See below) and Finally Finished my Christmas Knitting.”