I’m a Knittin’ Fool! And autistic, too!

Well, after finishing up the shawl – and delivering it this morning to Nancy’s office – I had this knitting void to fill, but when you’ve got a bunch of projects waiting NO PROblem (she says with slight Jamaican accent!)…. I didn’t know what to do, so I figured I’d do all I could yesterdayContinue reading “I’m a Knittin’ Fool! And autistic, too!”

Two Down – Seven to Go!

Well, the Hexagonal Shawl adapted from MaryJane Butters’ book, MaryJane’s Stitching Room is done! I had all the motifs done by Thursday afternoon and had hoped to get the finishing- i.e. sewing together and blocking/ironing done by Thursdays’ choir practice, but it was not to be. Thursday afternoon consisted of going to Baltimore City’s JuvenileContinue reading “Two Down – Seven to Go!”

Back from the City of Brotherly Love or Yarn Harlot – YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!

Monday night, we had a lovely time with my Dad and stepmom, Maureen. Betsy, Sabrina and JoAnna joined us. We had dinner in the center of the city – or I think it was the center of the city – at a place called the Rose Tattoo Cafe’. It was in a building that atContinue reading “Back from the City of Brotherly Love or Yarn Harlot – YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!”

Monday, Monday can’t trust that day

I have to laugh. I got this biorhythm report thingie in my e-mail from this woman who has been sending me my weekly horoscope. Nothing ever seems to work out as predicted (DUH) but this one took the cake. Apparently this week my emotional biorhythms are starting out at an all-time low and gradually movingContinue reading “Monday, Monday can’t trust that day”

Knit from Your Stash 2007 -Wendy Knits

From the Wendy Knits Blog:) I really like this idea. Makes so much sense for me, LOL! “Knit From Your Stash 2007!L-B mentioned to me that she was thinking about attempting to knit from her stash exclusively in 2007. I, of course, laughed at her initially, but started thinking that attempting to knit from myContinue reading “Knit from Your Stash 2007 -Wendy Knits”

More Progress While Working Backward in Time

in some departments at least! i’m a weirdo. (last statement written by my 22-year-old daughter who thinks I’m psychotic.) Hmmmm Well anyway, here are pics of the hexagon shawl which may end up being a triangle or less of a square. In any event, I have at least 12 1/2 hexagons to go and theContinue reading “More Progress While Working Backward in Time”