I’m not much of a shopper

I’m really not – unlike many of my compatriots, I usually prefer to go in, find something and get out. I don’t browse around, looking at this and that, unless I’m trying to make a decision. I finally bought an outfit for the wedding and yes, it’s pink, like a pink snowball. I’m fluffy enough,Continue reading “I’m not much of a shopper”

A shout out to Panera, LLC

I’m up late, I know, and I shouldn’t be, because I have court tomorrow. However, the sitemeter tells me that someone from Panera, LLC corporate in St. Louis, MO has taken a look at my blog – probably because I mentioned the slip and fall Wednesday evening. Let me settle things with you folks onceContinue reading “A shout out to Panera, LLC”

Boy, it’s been a long day:)

But let me start with last night. Before going to bell prax, my second oldest, Dori, called. Theirhouse was flooded. Again. The management company was busy draining their place, but they needed to come over for a while, which they did. I went to bell choir and thoroughly enjoyed myself as I always do. It’sContinue reading “Boy, it’s been a long day:)”