These Dreams – Help Wanted: Psychic or Psychiatrist

I had a very vivid dream in the early hours of the morning – that’s when I dream the dreams I remember. Or the dreams I want to remember.  Nightmares seem to come in the middle of the night.  The dreams I don’t want to wake from come in the morning (of course:)). The thingContinue reading “These Dreams – Help Wanted: Psychic or Psychiatrist”

And another week goes by…

It’s been a very busy week.  Not a lot at work, just busy-ness in general.  Sunday we had our usual family get together.  K and S were back from their honeymoon, but J, our youngest, was still out west, visiting with friends and family in San Diego.  She also visited with K and S outContinue reading “And another week goes by…”