Oh Man… And I coulda had a V8!

Apparently I have “gay hands.” Man! After 30 years of marriage and six kids, I’ve been doing it all wrong! Geez Louise! I should have been another ALF. Little did I know:) Note the ring finger is ever so much longer than the index finger. Well now I’m showing my total lack of experience andContinue reading “Oh Man… And I coulda had a V8!”

Do some of us go through life this way?

Fugue state: An altered state of consciousness in which a person may move about purposely and even speak but is not fully aware. A fugue state is usually a type of complex partial seizure. (medterms.com) In psychology, a fugue state (also known as a ‘psychogenic fugue’ or ‘dissociative fugue’) is a state of mind whereContinue reading “Do some of us go through life this way?”