German Pronunciation Guide for choirs

Deutsche Aussprache (German Pronunciation) Guide Vowels (in general): A “Ah” E “Eh” or “Ay” (actually sounds like something between the two) I “eeeeeee” O Say “Oh” and think “Aw” (JUST LIKE LATIN!!) U “ooooooo” Y Exactly like a U with an umlaut (see below) W Never a vowel in German – always the same soundContinue reading “German Pronunciation Guide for choirs”

More pics of the Goddess….

Knits Anniversary KAL*, that is.  The yarn is so variable that I think it takes away from the pattern.  But if I put it over a dark background, you can see it.  So I’m posting a few pictures here.  So far, I’ve done Clue 1A, 2C and I’m on Row 34 of Clue 3C.  I’mContinue reading “More pics of the Goddess….”


Let’s see, catching up since Tuesday…. that little hearing I was going to have on Wednesday ended up taking the bulk of the day, so I missed out on seeing those clients and will have to reschedule!  The attorney for one of the parties didn’t show, thinking the hearing was in the afternoon (yeah right),Continue reading “Well…..”