Pandemic Diary: Mental

What a highfalutin’ title for such a minor blog, really.  It just sorta sums up how things feel while cooped up in the house. I have often thought throughout my growing up years how very lucky we were and continue to be.  Our older relatives, friends, parents, and grandparents went through so much during the World Wars, the Great Depression, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.  People went a little mental then, too – but they also focused on moving forward, survival and getting through it.  In this world where it seems every little emotion is described to the point where we can become insensitized to the most horrible things, I have been telling myself to stop being such a baby, suck it up and get on with it.  And I do, for the most part, I suppose. 

Tonight I read that the Yarn Harlot’s grandbaby Charlotte died after only one day on this earth. My heart goes out to all of her family.  I recently learned a former client of mine was struck by a car while out skateboarding and is fighting to heal in the hospital.  His former foster father is the only one who is able to visit him due to obvious restrictions.

As for COVID 19, so many people in the weeks to come are going to lose people they love to this virus. One hears numbers that are so large they don’t feel real – the mind boggles.

  The sweet lotus on the kitchen window sill that a work friend gave me started budding again. The plants out on the back deck are starting to show color.  Spring is springing. And while those lotus buds hint at new life inside, the lemon tree in the background does the same outside. So much joy and sorrow in the same world, sometimes it’s truly difficult to wrap your mind around it.

Work is taking longer than usual and I am staying up WAY too late knitting and watching TV and trying to avoid the more disturbing news reports when I can.  I finally crashed last night – in other words, I finally went to bed at a decent hour and was able to wake up and get to my desk without a foggy brain this morning. That felt like a habit one should try to encourage in one’s life:). We had a bit of a COVID19 scare with another of our family, but it turned out to be “just” the flu.

 And I made some progress on the Felix Pullover -but it’s at that point where no matter how many rows you knit, it seems never to grow. This picture does give a slightly better view of the raglan “lace.”

 Not much added to the St. Michael’s cross-stitch project.

But OMG I did have an opportunity to purchase the floss for this lovely.  The linen will come a bit later when I have the resources to get it. It’s a huge project, like another one I got a while back. – His Eye on the Sparrow by Heartfelt Samplery. That one as well will need floss and fabric.  And that’s Oh Kay….

I started yet another project.  What is wrong with me? Who knows? But here it is:

The above yarn was picked up at various points in my knitting travels.  Some were going to be parts of various fade shawls.  Some were going to be a sequence knitting shawl, but I think the yarn wants to be this sweater.  Hope the colors work well together.  We shall see:)! The pattern makes use of a lot of purling through the back loop.  My hands were in agony after a few inches of that, so I stopped doing that and so far, it’s OK. 

Well, this blog post has been a bit scrambled.  Sometimes life is.  I have no brilliant insights to share, just my wishes for all of you for health and safety.

God be with you ’til we meet again+

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

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