An Update

Dear friends,

Our dear DIL R, came home last night in one piece, thank goodness! Our daughter, her wife, B, picked her up in Old Ellicott.  Strangely enough, she was pictured on our local news as she was trying to get a message to B as to where she was. That hasn’t alleviated the pain and suffering, though.  So many are heartbroken yet again over losses of life and property. None of the group save those who live here were present on Sunday, but many came by Monday for pizza and sympathy.

This past weekend, beginning Thursday, has been a microcosm of “The Agony and the Ecstasy.” We saw our son in an amazing play (YAY).  We enjoyed a holiday weekend (YAY).  Ellicott City flooded again (HUGE BOOOOO!!!).  Our family got together (YAY).  Our granddaughter, M, graduated from high school today:)! (MAJOR YAY!!!)

And life goes on for all of us, except for the wonderful officer and gentleman National Guardsman named Sgt. Eddison Hermond, who saved one woman in our town, and was washed away to the Patapsco River where he met his Maker.

Flood waters in the past came about from the local river (the Tiber) overflowing after a major storm, like a hurricane. These days, the water flows from the opposite direction, due to an overabundance of development, asphalt, and the tearing down of trees.  I know that my daughter-in-law was traumatized and the owner of the gallery for which she works is seriously considering relocating. It breaks my heart.  Will “Old Ellicott” become a ghost town – unlike the Ghost Tours I’ve mentioned in the past, will the town itself be abandoned? The thought breaks my heart!

To discuss my knitting seems almost sacrilegious, yet, I have to report that in all this destruction, there is actually a Finished Object: not a great thing, a Mere Hat, based upon the Ephemeris pattern by Hunter Hammerson. I am not sure which of my children – or grandchildren – will receive it, but it is safely tucked away for Christmas:)

Am still working on the Nina shawl and will then head over to the Truckbeth Carbeth.

Dear friends, if you are the praying sort, please pray for my dear adopted city of Ellicott and my new home of Merlin.  My heart aches for them:)!

God be with you ’til we meet again!:)

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  1. I’d be knitting too at this time as it’s a peaceful activity and takes my mind off my worries. Glad to hear your family is all safe and sound. Your hat is gorgeous!

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