Spring/Summer Finally!

Until this morning, the skies looked like this for almost all of last week:

On the Tuesday the above photos were taken, I was on my way to bell practice.  We rehearsed very quickly that evening, then all of us got drenched leaving early, getting to our cars and getting home. There was a tornado watch and in some parts of the state, I believe one or two small ones were seen, thankfully none touched down.

Despite the weather, I managed to get in a lot of client visits along with the usual rounds of courthouse time.

Then, this morning, the world was in bloom:

That thing we call the sun actually made an appearance in the morning sky. Who knew? And miracle of miracles, I actually made it to church today. Today in the Western Church, we celebrate Pentecost (In Judaism it’s Shavuot) – the commemoration of the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the early Christians (In Judaism, it’s about the Ark of the Covenant, I think- Shavuot??).  I mention this because there is a reading from the New Testament in which the Holy Spirit descends upon the public, and suddenly people were speaking in a myriad of languages – sort of the opposite of the story of the Tower of Babel.  We replicated this scene this morning – an English speaker started the reading with people beginning the same reading and continuing on in another language – Korean, Spanish, Basque, Latin, Russian, German and back again to English.  I was one of the German readers.  Thankfully, it was so cacophonous that nobody heard all the errors I made!

In the Gallery/Choir Loft, the bell choir, the adult choir, the instrumental group and of course, our organist/choirmaster played. Usually, Pentecost is the last Sunday we play before taking a break for the summer.  We will be playing and singing in a few things here and there until September, but the regular rehearsals are done for a bit.

This week has been a whirlwind in contrast to the very quiet previous week at work – much more court time and lots of client visits, so not a lot of knitting happened. I had a lovely Mother’s Day last Sunday – my kids are obviously very forgiving! When they had all gone home, I called my Dad and stepmom to see how they were doing.

There are a bunch of events on the horizon, both personal and professional, that I am happily anticipating: in July, most of us will be attending a family reunion with my husband’s family.  The dear husband is one of nine children born to his late parents, seven of whom are still with us, twenty-eight grandchildren, many of whom are married, (I think) 41 great grandchildren, and 1 great great grandchild. In other words, there are a lot of us:)! It’s to be at Hershey Park in PA.  I don’t plan on going on rides, but do look forward to seeing everybody! And maybe the odd glass of vino and a joke or two…

In August, I hope we will be able to visit my Dad and stepmom in Florida.  Yes, I know, Florida in August is not an optimal time to visit, but we have tickets we never used and need to use or lose them early in the month. Thank goodness the husband is a hotelman and works for a really really good hotel company, so we will very likely have a great place to stay as we always do!

At the end of August, I will be attending the NACC (National Association of Counsel for Children) Conference in San Antonio Texas.  I try to get to this conference whenever I can.  This year, my firm is reimbursing our expenses (except for food – but one would eat at home, right?) and though the initial outlay is a challenge, it is well worth it.  One of my favorite people from Lambda Legal in NY will be presenting and I want to update him on a client of mine whom he helped (by helping me). The topics are always timely and incredibly helpful.  I always come away with a renewed commitment to do the very best I can for our clients. Hopefully, a bunch of us will be going so we can enjoy it together.  Did I tell you I have the best colleagues you could ever wish for? Well, I do.  There’s not one of them I wouldn’t trust with my own kids.

And, saving the best for last, in September, our youngest daughter, J, will be getting married to her fiancee, L, in Ohio. We are all very happy for both of them and though we wonder what L thinks of us sometimes, we are happy and grateful to have her join our family – after all, we put the “fun” in dysfunctional. The two of them are truly made for each other. I just know they will be happy – because they already are:)!  The wedding will be at one of Ohio’s beautiful parks – perfect for both of them as they are such great outdoorswomen!

I have a great deal to look forward to:)! (pardon the misplacement of the preposition, LOL).

On the Knitting Front:

Work continues on the Nina Shawl, because, let’s face it, X number of stockinette rows is an easy “go-to” when you are sitting down after work and watching the boob tube (trying to get away from mentions of the idiot in DC).

At this point, I am about half-way through the project.  Note the “checkerboardy” bit on the right side of the picture.  I just had to try 3-color linen stitch.  Yes, what appears to be black and light pink is actually black, maroon and light pink.  Trust me, that’s what you would see in person.  Am now on the BIG stripe of red, heading back down again.  This will be a gift to someone. Whom, I don’t know yet. My goal this year is to knit a little something for everyone in our 20-member family (including the step-grands) before Santa jumps down our non-existent chimney.  It’s a goal.  We. Shall. See.

The Truckbeth Carbeth is still awaiting further work, as is the Shawl based on a Weldon Veil.  So of course, I started yet another project (one of the Christmas items): the Ephemeris hat by Hunter Hammersen. I am having a heck of a time with the stitch pattern above the brim. I’m not sure if I’m getting it right, but I like it enough to keep it as is.  We shall see, LOL:) I am knitting it in worsted weight in smaller needles which may have something to do with why it looks a wee bit different than the pattern.  And, that’s Oh Kay..

There isn’t much else new to report. Until next time, God be with you ’til we meet again+


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